Advertisements and me – Poem

Advertisements and me

Ahh, advertisements, how I beseech thee,
Don’t be a dick and flash to be seen,
Or make noise just to make a point,
Especially when two of your efforts are joint,

I care not for pictures of breasts and bottoms,
I’d prefer to see a girl, simply smelling blossoms,
Well, that’s kinda my fault, but you get what I mean,
When I’m not looking, my screen should be clean,

And finally, my point is, if you weren’t so obtuse,
Maybe, just maybe, I’d kick of my boots,
And turn off my ad-block that makes you *poof*
And we’d celebrate together, like dogs going *woof*


Yeah, I wrote a poem because I was sad I needed ad block.  I’d rather turn it off and support people, ya’know?  But they’re so * intrusive.

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