Jobless – Chapter 62

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At the Student Council ①

When I stood up to go to the student council room,

“Mars, are you busy after this?
If you have time, would you like to train with me? ”

I was asked by Eri.
However my schedule for today is already decided.

“My bad, I am supposed to go to the student council next.”
“Student council? Did student council president Alicia call for you?”

For me to go to the student council.
Perhaps it was surprising.
Without speaking about her plans anymore Eri continued asking me further.

“Oh, when I met the president this morning, I was asked to come to the student council after school.
I did not have plans to do anything special, so I promised to go. ”

When I answered as such,

“Mars-san, are you going to the student council?”

That was not Eri’s but Raphie’s voice.
Along with that voice, she walked next to me and tightly stuck to my arm.

“Well, may Raphie join you?”
“I do not think it is such an interesting place, right?”
“I am worried about letting Mars-san go there alone!
Student council president Alicia is a beautiful person … …. ”

Raphie, what are you worrying about?
But her expression was very serious.
Apart from Raphie who decided her actions immediately,

“… … May I go with you?
There is something I want to talk about with president Alicia. ”

said Eri after  swaying for a little bit thinking.
From Alicia I was not told to come alone.
So it would not be a problem if I bring just two more people such as them with me.
Thinking so,

“Okay, so won’t you come along with me?”

We three decided to head to the committee room of the student council together.

“That said, Mars, do you know the location of the student council’s committee room?”

I left the classroom right away, so Eri asked me about it now.
By the way, I forgot to ask Alicia about the location of the student council.

“You do not know that it’s already there, do you?”
“Oh, I forgot to ask the place, but do you know?”

As I listened,

“All committees are on the eighth floor,”

Raphie taught me.
Then we went up the long stairs.

“Are all the committees on the 8th floor?”
“Yes, all committees that are officially licensed to the academy are on the eighth floor.
There is a small committee for which the institute does not provide rooms and activity expenses, but it does not differ from personal hobby activities. ”

While walking, we were chatting about various things.
It takes a long time to arrive at the eighth floor.

“I think that I will face the battle committee soon.
As there are no duels except for those between members of this committee it is perfect for training. ”

Then I would like to visit there once.
Since it is like this, if it is interesting, it may be good to join some committee.
I finally got to the 8th floor while talking a lot about the committees.

“This is the committee room for the student council”

Going straight there is a door in front.
It’s a heavily majestic dark wooden door.
There are two handles.
This door seems to be a student council room.

“Well then shall we enter?”

Knocking. There is no reply.
Since it is like this I turn the doorknob.
However, it seems to be locked and will not open.

“It seems like nobody has come yet.”
“… It seems that we arrived earlier,”

For the time being, the other side called me and I do not think that I forgot the promise.

“Are classes prolonged?”
“Because there are special classes when it comes to third graders.
However, is it possible for the student council members of the first grade to be coming soon? ”

When I asked this, I heard footsteps from behind.
Walking to here are a dwarven girl and boy.
When I saw the small girl I remembered about her.
Orange hair on a dignified appearance.

“Oh, Mars-sempai, did we keep you waiting?”

That’s it.
The girl who met this morning – student council member Serika Rilante.
The dwarven boy who was with her bowed lightly when he looked at us.
Telling from his attitude, this boy seems to be in the same freshman year as Serika.

“No, we arrived just shortly before you.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I have kept you waiting.
I was told to let Mars-san into the student council room by the president. ”

After the apology, Serika took out the key and opened the door.

“Senpais, why are the two of you here?”
“I’m with Mars-san. Is there no problem with it?”
“… … probably because the president has not told Mars-san to come alone.”

After confirming, Serika said,

“Please enter”

We were invited by her extending her hand towards the door.
There seems to be no problem with Eri and Raphie coming along.
As prompted, we entered the committee room.

The inside of the room is not that wide.
An imposing desk giving a strong impression was placed in the center, other than that there were long tables were stuck together side by side installed.
It appears that meetings are frequently held.

“… … I think that the president will come soon, so please sit down and wait.”

As we were told, we sat down.
Raphie was next to me, next to Raphie was Eri.
Serika and the small boy are standing side by side in the corner at the entrance.

“For what purpose did the president call for Mars?”

As soon as I sat in the chair, Eri said such a thing.

“Elisha, there is only one possibility,”

To the words Eri whispered to me, Raphie immediately replied,

“To the student council Mars-san–”

Raphie tried to say something.
It was then.

“- Excuse me, I am late.”

The door of the committee room opened and Alicia entered.
There was one more person behind her.
A nekomimi girl of the cat people followed her.
[Note: I´m using “nekomimi girl” instead of “girl of the cat people” cause it sounds better in my opinion.]

Inside the room – Alicia sat down at the impressive desk.
The nekomimi girl stood next to Alicia.

“Oh, someone aside from Mars-san also came.
Welcome, Elisha – No, was it Elisa now? ”

Alicia said, looking at us.

“There should be no problem if someone is accompanying me, right?”
“Well, I did not tell you to come alone.”

It was acknowledged smoothly.
In other words, it seems that there is no problem even after especially asking about it.

“First of all, I apologize for being late.
The lesson lasted longer. I’m sorry.”
“Do not mind it because I have not waited for long. So what’s the matter?”

I listened immediately.

“There is one reason for calling Mars-san today – Mars, enter the student council”

Directly from Alicia’s mouth, I was invited to the community of the committee.
[Note: In the raw >> コミュニティ << (community) is written in smaller letters above >> 委員会 << (committee). So I decided to make it “the community of the committee” to keep both terms in the text.]

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