The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 1.5

I wrote this but I’m not sure whether I like it or not, but I still felt like sharing it.  Man, writing a web novel is hard.  o.O  How do authors do it!  I must train in the art of writing and perhaps I will reach legendary status!  Perhaps not, but it’s fun to fantasize, right?

The goddess laughed as she watched Fei in his new setting, letting off a surprisingly pleasant aura which enveloped her surroundings completely.  From behind her, concerned looks could be felt piercing her back.

“It’s not good to focus on a single person goddess – you have many worlds to run.”

The goddess turned around and looked at the young figure in front of her.  A blonde loli was the only way you could describe her, but her atmosphere was off – it was that of a mature woman.


“If you’re like that, you’ll cause resentment with many people.”

“Who are you to tell me that – you whose fetish is to appear as young girl.”

“I may do so, but I still manage worldly affairs better than you.”

The goddess made a ‘tsk’ sound and looked away.   In response, the angel appeared in front of her in an instant and pointed at the goddess.

“Besides, what’s with that skill you gave him?!  Especially in that world?!”

“Urrm. ?  What’s wrong with it?”

“He’ll die!”

“No way.”

The goddess tilted her head as she responded to the loli angel.   The look of confusion on her face was not one of a goddess, but one of an airheaded girl.  The angel decided to explain the circumstances to the dull looking goddess.

“Goddess, the world you sent him to, is a dangerous one, not a casual rom-com setting world.   It’s impossible for a weak person to survive there.”

“Fei isn’t that weak…”

“The previous strength he had was granted by you!   You took that away and gave him that skill.   On top of that, it looks like you’ve weakened him further!”


“Look, now that you understand, go focus on the other worlds as to not cause more problems!”

The goddess tried to pull puppy eyes with this sensible loli-angel and failed miserably.  Rather, she was unable to pull such an expression and just stared at the loli-angel blankly.   The loli-angel simply sighed.

The goddess gave up and walked away, admitting her defeat on this occasion, but she began thinking about ways to avoid her godly duties.

The angel on the other hand, was deeply regretting who her master was and her personality.  Raising a hand to her forehead, she uttered words unheard by the goddess.

“Honestly, why is it, unless she’s with that guy, she’s a complete airhead?   Looks like I’ve got to do something about this.”

Having more added to her workload, the angel wanted to let off some steam, but now wasn’t the time for it.  She had to think of a way to deal with the horrid setting the goddess had put Fei into.

Human (Re-incarnated) Profile

Name:  Lun Fei

Soul Age: ???

Age:  8

Pale Sickness:  The possessor has their energy drained whenever they are awake.  Incurable.  

None Possessed

Harem Protagonist:  Easily open routes for new harem members.

World Profile

World Age:  1,000,000,000,000 years.

Difficulty:  Extreme+++
Special Attributes:

Soul Removal:  Death in this world will cause a soul to be completely erased from the world.
Description:  A world full of monsters, villains, demons and has a hostile environment.  Not recommended for re-incarnation.

“…Is there really any way to fix this problem?”

The angel had a face of despair.  She had looked up the details again, even though she knew all this, as it was possible it could have created an idea in her mind.  Unfortunately, it had failed.   She needed to do something though, as the goddess seemed to have taken a liking to Fei, so if his soul was erased, who knew what would happen.

The angel had a furrowed brow as she thought of the only solution she could think of – a problematic one.   She nodded a few times and coming to a resolution, uttered someones name.


“Yes, nee-san!”

Someone appeared who was identical to the angel, down to the last detail.  The little sister who truly was a loli, unlike her older sister who was a mature woman who looked like a loli.  The excited attitude of being asked to do something was unbearable, and so the older sister was reluctant to ask her for help.

“I want you to go and support that guy.  Ensure he doesn’t die.  Got it?”

“Yes, nee-san!”

The loli little sister vanished into the world as the older one remained in order to keep an eye on the airheaded goddess.

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16 thoughts on “The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 1.5

  1. gg

    Harem protagonist is his skill?

    I really don’t get the Goddess. Does she like to be ntrd? She loved the guy, but then she sent him back and watched him fail at trying to have relationships over and over again. Hopefully you can flesh out her character a bit more.

    Still, good chapter and well done.


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Eh, sorry, been busy and didn’t get to reply until now. I do have reasoning’s for making the Goddess like this and it actually has to do with the conversations I’ve had in life. I’ll explain later! 😛

      Thanks for the commentary! As I continue writing this, I’ll be attempting to improve my style and character development so critique is welcome. 🙂

      Thanks again.


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  3. exqalph03

    oH~! Well now this is unreasonable with it starting with too much difficulty… Really… What the heck is with that debuffs, with that then won’t he only be able to talk? Don’t even talk about walking or running or other activities, he might even die doing those~! Well, that debuff really makes people turn around and thin about continuing this… As it looks it would be really troublesome to continue this… But well, hope the debuff get downgraded as it’s too op I say :). Hopefully as it progresses it will disappear or decrease potency/effect.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


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  5. sal

    “…Is there really any way to fix this problem?”

    This seems awkward. Maybe consider replacing with:

    “…Is there even a way to fix this problem?”
    “…Is there really a way to fix this problem?”


  6. thebebb

    is the whole soul removal thing is only if you get killed? If not then doesn’t that mean that people dying of old age get their soul erased?


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  8. A Certain someone

    he will die, but not killed by monster…
    thanks for the chapter sir/miss/whatever you are.



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