The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Pale Exhaustion

The darkness of waiting is currently the location of my ‘Soul’ – that is, the part of me which will transfer over past things into the new body prepared for me. While there’s no time spent in this ‘place’, it’s certain that time does elapse in other worlds and there’s an opportunity to think before the transfer. The transfer will send me into a new body at an age of the goddesses choosing and sometimes it ends up being a practical joke. Last time, she reincarnated me from the time I was a baby. I shiver at the thought of it.

A white flashing has begun however, which signals that it’s time for the transfer to occur. I’m not aware of how much time has elapsed since I was placed here, but I’m fairly sure a large quantity of time will have been skipped for this reincarnation. I’m not exactly sure why – it’s just this is the feeling I have at the moment.

The transfer has finally occurred. Instantly as well, I think. Taking a quick check of my body, I think I’m an eight year old currently? I guess that isn’t too bad. I can deal with having to age from this body though I would have preferred to be a little older.

→ Awakening: 1% complete. Terms of complete awakening:

You cannot tell others of your reincarnated status.
Your ‘Memories’ of this world will be received sporadically.
Your ‘Soul’ will occasionally be summoned.
Extra awakening can occur during natural life.

That was the Goddesses voice in my head. It appears that I need to awaken compatibility with this body this time around? Is the goddess planning something funny that requires this to happen. The term of my ‘Soul’ being summoned seems to suggest something is going to happen, I think. I’m not sure what ‘Extra awakening’ could mean though – can awakening really exceed 100%?

I suppose thinking of those sort of things aren’t going to help. I should get more acquainted with the situation I’ve found myself in this time. A more close look at myself, don’t I seem exceptionally pale? Not the kind of pale that suggests just having light skin – don’t I seem like I’m a little sick? Does this also have to do with the fact my awakening isn’t complete? I don’t think this is good.

Rather than observing myself then, I suppose I should observe the rest of the room. I’m currently lying down and there seems to be light coming through a window. There’s also a slight breeze coming through the window with a whistle and the air is quite cold. Judging from this, it may be around the winter season.

I’m lying on a medieval but expensive looking bed, which suggests that I’m a noble in a world of an older time-period. It’s possible it’s my original world, but I highly doubt it. The goddess likes to play around too much for that to be the case.

Other than that, the room seems to consist only of this bed and a wooden bench full of green plants and a few tools. Are those, by any chance, things used in order to deal with a medical condition? I’m really hoping that they’re not, but it seems to be the case as to what they are for. Just what happened to me? Was I born as a sick child?

Slowly lifting myself up, it seems that while I can move, it takes a considerable amount of effort to do so. It’s simply physically exhausting. This is the first time I’ve ever had such a difficult time in moving my body. I remember the time when I was extremely strong and it took a master of Qi to cause me considerable damage… That was a fun time. Died due to a stomach bug though and the goddess had a good time laughing at my misfortune.

I say this, but it’s not good to dwell in the past, especially if it’s a past of a different life. It could end up being a disadvantage if I become stressed over things that aren’t particularly relevant to me anymore. So, what should I do now? Trying to lift myself any further out of the bed seems to be a bad idea as I’m extremely exhausted from doing just this much. Yet, I don’t want to simply lay here and do nothing – It would be excruciatingly boring and that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Perhaps I should call out for somebody to come here? Though, with my lack of knowledge of what’s happened so far in this life, it may not be such a good idea. Wait, wouldn’t they just think I have amnesia or something if it looks as though I’ve forgotten everything? Why am I stressing out so much. I might be stressing so much as it’s the first time I’ve had to go with a lack of memories as such.

All right, then. Here goes nothing. I clear my throat when-

“Onii-chan? You’re awake?”

The door on the left side of the room had been opened, and there stood a blonde seven year old girl who’d called me ‘onii-chan’. It would appear that I am this girl’s older brother and that we are quite close. Or, she spends a lot of time with me as I’m sick and has an illusion of closeness. Either way, It felt really good to be called like that. I just want to hug her, but that’s not possible in this case.

“Please, come sit here.”

I ask her to come over and sit, patting on the side of the bed. I wanted to spend a little time with her, as she was my new family. Talking to her will ease some of the thoughts of boredom so I’m a little excited to talk to her. I don’t believe there’s anyone who would judge me for having such thoughts.
She obediently comes over and with a little ‘poof’ sound she sits on the bed. She seems like she’s struggling to sit in an elegant posture which doesn’t seem to match with her age.

“You can relax a little, you know?”

“But, onii-san… Thank you.”

While she attempted to refuse, she probably thought that arguing with me was not a good thing. Which was probably the right decision, as talking is more tiring than I first assumed it would be. She let loose a little tension and her face was less strained than it was when she first sat down. It was much more pleasant to see her like this. Following this, I attempted to start a conversation with her.

“So.. What’ve you been doing?”


Did I say something wrong? I don’t think there’s something rude with what I just asked. Or is she confused because I’m interested in her life? Did I not take interest in it before?


That damned goddess… Just what is she playing at, only letting me remember her name? Is that meant to help me in some way? Whatever, I guess I’ll just use it and see what happens.

“Lumi, is something the matter?”

“Eehh – No. It’s just… Onii-san has never had the energy to talk to me before…”

Oh. Rather than not being interested, I wasn’t well enough to show an interest. It looks like in her eyes, I’ve shown a miraculous improvement in my condition. Which, I guess, I have. Though, to me, it feels like I’m the weakest I’ve ever been. It might seem bad, but it’s probably for the best.

“Well, I’m feeling a little better. Please tell me.”

“I’ve been working on dinner etiquette and elegant movement with instructor Ranu. I was also allowed into the library for some time and… No, never mind.”

Oh, what is this? She shook her head and trailed off for a little bit. She seemed to be getting excited there, but she stopped. Did she stop out of concern for me as I’m not able to move around? Well, I’ll let it pass this time.

I thanked her as she dealt with her surprise and talked to me even though I was better than expected. It was a nice experience, just to be with my sister time for some time but I’ve gotten quite tired and need to rest.

“Onii-san… I’ll leave now.”

It seems that Lumi’s noticed me bordering between the waking state and a sleeping one as well and that she needs to leave now. There’s nothing I can do about it as it’s the right call, I think.


While finally drifting off into the darkness of sleep, I see Lumi smile towards me before she turns and leaves the room. It was quite cute.

Awakening:  2%

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  3. exqalph03

    Might as well comment on all the current chapters, lol~!
    Well, chapter 1 really leaves more to be desired~! Guess it’s a hooker~? Though it just pokes ones interest and not really grab it… The following chapters would most likely do the grabbing, lol~!

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    “Onii-chan? You’re awake?” – that’s a good start!

    “with a little ‘poof’ sound she sits on the bed” – definitely should be ‘pomf’ sound, I think. ^_^


      1. qaz

        It’s actually way better: search for “pomf” on youtube. Would be absolutely hilarious for people who would get the reference.


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  7. Marc Spencer

    I like it. Good fast hook start to bring interest. Well written thus far, sense of humor good, hopefully will flesh out details as story goes alone. Keep up the good work



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