The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 2

The next chapter is released!  Will now be posting these as pages to be more organised.  The link is as follows:

Chapter 2!

I’ll be attempting to do ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’ more often now that I’ve freed up some time due to exams and stuff being over and will only be turning up in 50 days now.  School ends in 23 days.  That’s a kind of weird feeling to have, you know?


5 thoughts on “The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 2

  1. sukamangga

    What happen if its natural death, will it erse soul as well. If its true then… i think its too cruel. If the resident know, what is there to have salvation. Any evil or good karma is useless. Thanks for making this story. But i will pull myseld away for such depressing story


  2. Aeir

    Um… the chapter isn’t here. And the link just redirects to this page… The next chapter seems to be the same. What am I missing?


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Ahh, Sorry. The Previous / Next chapter links haven’t been fixed yet – You can go through the navigation bar at the moment. Thank you for reminding me about this, I forgot as I was editing all the previous chapters.



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