The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Prologue (1)

Volume 2: Prologue (1)

(Headmaster, we’ve apprehended a female youth who was approaching the academy. What would you like us to do with her?)

(Hou? A female youth? Are you sure it’s not some kind of disguise, in order to break in?)

(Yes, headmaster. We are positive that there is no disguise. It is simply a female youth.)

(Very well, bring her to me.)


This is very interesting.
It’s been six years since that bastard’s son came to the academy.

Since then, the monster attacks which used to happen regularly practically reduced to zero.
Any attacks that did occur were conducted by extremely weak monsters, meaning we had very few casualties.

There were rumours that spread a few months after that kids arrival.

‘There is a former student’s ghost protecting the academy.’

‘An up and coming young adventurer is single handedly defeating monsters which would usually take large extremely large parties to defeat.’

‘The academy has a guardian angel now!’

Obviously, the rumour about a ghost is flawed.
Most souls will be obliterated at the time of a person’s death.
If that doesn’t happen, then a person is either a demi-god or has a lifestone prepared to preserve their soul.

In the past years, I’ve discussed with the bards if a new adventurer or hero had come for them to sing of their deeds, but they said there was no-one that fit the criteria.
Thus, I do not believe it to be an adventurer.

The last option, is even more improbable.
An angel, protecting this academy? The academy which refuses to worship any of the gods?

Of course, there are many gods that exist.
Some have even come to this academy out of goodwill.
However, to worship a god is to sacrifice one’s freedom in exchange for power.
Our academy is not about that sort of thing.

Thus, I cannot fathom the identity of this female youth.
Who is she?
Why did she get herself caught?
Is she the cause of all these rumours?

Our guards think that they ‘apprehended’ that female youth but I believe they are wrong.
That youth wanted something from us.
The easiest way for her to get in contact was to get herself caught.
Assuming that, she’ll explain what she wants after being caught.
That’s why I’m having her brought here.

Though, the timing of the rumours and that kid coming here can’t be coincidence.
There’s definitely a relationship between Lun Fei and this female youth.

Lun Fei, the sickly prince.
If one were to look at him, they would be unable to say anything along the lines of him looking strong.
On the contrary, he is extremely frail and it shows.
One would think he’d faint as soon as being touched.
However, his looks… Although he isn’t strong, he could be described as beautiful; Just like his sisters… And his mother.

I think that he would seem odd even without his illness though.
He has never really seemed like a true ‘child’.
His ability to analyse situations, his mannerisms and his attitude don’t have the same innocence as a child.

Even considering this, it’s not like he acts like an adult.
He is immature.
So perhaps, he’s best described as a child with a teenagers cognitive abilities.

Something interesting to think about is his relationship with his elder sister.
They told me that the aim for having them room together was to make them get along.
So in the future, they would be willing to get along.

I watched them for a long time.
From this, I conclude that their initial thought was slightly flawed.
Lun Fei never had any issues with Lun Zana.
Though, Lun Zana had negative views of Lun Fei.

In fact, Lun Fei seemed to look towards his elder sister with eyes of respect (and sometimes a more intriguing look.) .
He tried his best to have his sister respect him.

He attempted to show his determination everyday through training she provided.
Even though he was never very good, he still kept going.
No matter what she put him through.

He dealt with that for the past six years, without improvement other than quicker reflexes and being able to take a few hits.
It seemed as though he was never going to give up.

A few days ago, after his ‘training’ session with his elder sister, he came to me.
He said “I don’t think I’ll ever be ‘strong’, but I think I may be suitable for a commanding position. So, please teach me.”
That day I was very surprised.

Firstly, why would this kid come to me, rather than any of the other number of teachers here?
Secondly, he looks at me in a manner which is disrespectful.
Finally, he was willing to approach me directly.
These points are why I decided to say ‘yes’ even though it was not something that I would usually do.

So, I will be teaching Lun Fei with my own special style.
Perhaps, it will lead to the world becoming better.
At any rate, it will be amusing.

The relationship between Lun Fei, and this rumoured ‘ghost’ or ‘angel’ though.
I just can’t manage to comprehend why they would have one.
That’s why, I’ll ask her when she’s here.

Who is she?
What relationship does she have with Lun Fei?
And whether she is an envoy for a god trying to conduct a deal with the academy.

I guess I will play around a little.
See what kind of person she is!

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      1. Dark Jackel

        …I was just teasing, you know. 🙄

        I actually do expect that we will be hearing about what happened in the time skip, at least in general. I’m a little disappointed that he still acts immature…I had hoped he was getting better about that… 😞


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