Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 55

Translator: Jason

Date with Carolina (First Part)


The day after we got the large quantity of ore from the mine.

I got up early in the morning and went to Saint Bell’s town center.


Today I was going shopping with Carolina for the sake of finding a “library with ancient books from the whole country”, which she wanted.


(Caro. Are you ready?)


(Yes. I am ready at any time.)


Having received confirmation, I entered a back alley out of sight and summoned Carolina.


“Ohh. For shopping too, it’s the usual maid outfit for you, huh?”


“…Yes. Would it have been better if I changed my outfit like Aphrodite?”


I was able to catch a glimpse of the rare uneasy Carolina, who was gripping the hem of her skirt.


“No. I think Caro looks good with the usual maid outfit. It really suits you…I like it. Your maid appearance.”




“Oy! Are you okay!?”


Carolina seemed like she was going to aimlessly fall on the ground, so I quickly caught her.


“…I-I apologize. I was so happy at what you said Master…I was a little giddy.”


“I-I see. Be careful.”


Just how much of that was true…?

Carolina occasionally made jokes like that, so it was hard to deal with her.


Sure, I saved her life, but even so it feels like she is excessively loyal.


Carolina was dangerous in the sense that it seemed like she would do anything I asked.


“Caro, you take my words a little too seriously.”


“…Is that so?”


“Yeah. I can’t say it well, but…for example, if I said ‘Show me your panties’, you would probably actually show them to me.”


“Yes. If Master so desired, I would show you everything.”


Carolina informed me briefly, and then, blushing, rolled up her skirt.



She was wearing stockings!


Her panties were white.

The contrast with the black stockings was incredible.


Was this Arcadia?[1]

It was the aesthetic of white underwear from underneath a raised skirt.


If possible, I would like to obtain citizenship inside of a skirt.


“Ah! What are you doing!?”


“…I apologize. Did I show you something unsightly? I surely thought that…Master desired to see inside my skirt, but….”


“No. That’s right, but…that’s not it!”


I decided…that I was happy about having seen Caro’s panties.



There is the person whom Caro has had an unrequited love for for 300 years already….


Even if I got to see her panties as her life’s savior…my conscience was pained.


“I do not understand well…what Master is thinking.”


When I honestly conveyed my thoughts, Carolina had a dubious expression on her face.

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[1] The furigana says Arcadia, which is why I used that, but the kanji means “an earthly paradise” or “utopia”

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