Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 56

Date with Carolina (Conclusion)

Carolina and I went to the bookstore of Saint bell together.
Across the Adventurer’s guild and built at a place opposed to the previously visited magic tool shop was this shop that seems to be the number one largest bookstore within Saint Bell.

Sex: Male
Age: 28

“Hello there. Welcome to the Guild Licensed Magic Bookstore.” (TL: What was this translated as before…?”)

When we set foot inside the store, a male shop assistant greet us.

The big front tooth protruding from his mouth was how this person was characterized.

If I remember correctly….I’ve seen him somewhere…..

“Excuse me….. It’s an abrupt query…. But is the shop assistant of the magic tool store possibly an acquaintance of yours?”

“Oh! Do you know my elder brother? Yes. Sunrika is my elder brother. We brothers both work as merchants.
I have a bad feeling.
The store clerk of the Magic Tool store Sunrika-san…… It’s bad to say, but he was really untrustworthy.

I had a terrible experience that day as I was made to purchase a product at a price not much different from fraud.

“Uhh…. I’ve heard that this store has taken in an unusual magic book……”

“Hou…… You want a magic book….”

When I spoke the words ‘Magic Book’, Iserika appears to be appraising my appearance.

“Is this customer an adventurer? I’m sorry but the magic books in the store have extraordinarily high prices… It’s not possible to show them to common people.”

“I-is that the case?”

Thinking about it a little, but it won’t be possible if there were such circumstances.

If there was a rare magic book, I expected that Carolina may have been satisfied.

“Human. To whom do you think are you opening your mouth to. don’t get too familiar.”


A dreadful thirst for blood after a seemingly prickling pain in the skin was felt and before anyone could notice, Carolina had already pointed a knife towards Iserika-san’s neck.

“Caro!? What in the world are you doing!?”

“This discourtesy.. This man said a rude thing to master, so I thought to cut off his tongue.


Carolina said it as though she felt it was only natural.

Speaking seriously, Carolina’s loyalty is at an abnormal level.

“Caro. Withdraw.”

“Understood. If that is what master wishes……”

That’s unexpected!
Even if I were to make an unreasonable request, would she obediently comply?
However, it has become unpleasant.

I know that Carolina holds excessive loyalty due to fact I saved her life……. But I don’t think I can get another person to understand with that explanation.

“S-sorry. Our family maid recently… has been experiencing chuuni disease….”


Even I think making such an excuse is unreasonable?

Iserika-san was dumbfounded at first, but his face is gradually turning red.

“Ugu-. How rude of a customer!”

I-isn’t it~.
This time it is completely our fault.

Anybody would get angry if two strangers thrust at them with a knife.

“I was originally to hand you over to the Kingdom’s order of knights but… There reputation of the store falls if it’s understood that violence occurred. Get out. I’ll overlook it if you promise never to step foot in this store again.”

Leaving only those words, Iserika-san retired back into the inner parts of the store.

We only came to buy a book……
Why did it become such a bloody development?

Being driven out from Iserika-san’s store, we went to Saint Bell’s second biggest book store.

“U~n. As expected of the second biggest store, the variety of books is remarkably decreased”

The new store we visited, although it was cozy but could not be compared with Iserika-san’s magic book store.

“There’s no problem. Because quantity is not quality. I won’t go to a store where an insolent fellow mocks master.”

“I see… Then it’s fine. If there any good books, say so. I will buy them all together when i get the money



Giving a short reply, Carolina turned her eyes to the books of the store and scanned wholeheartedly.
The contents are herbalism – Medicinal Book and similar things which are hard for me to understand.

As Carolina returned the book in her hand to the store, she let out a sigh.

(Is this the degree to which a human writes about this book’s subject after all….? I did not expect much from the beginning yet……In these past 100 years humans standards of writing have declined here.)

Her heart’s voice leaks how her dissatisfaction has piled up.
Since I acquired the contact skill, occasionally I am able to catch the contracted person’s hearts voice in this manner.

“Are the books at this store unsatisfactory?”

“Ah! No! Such a thing!?”

When I spoke, Carolina became flustered.

“Say it honestly.”

“…..I give up. Master can see through anything. It’s certainly true that the level of books in this store is low.
Because our demon race is a long-lived one…… When the contents do not discuss a more technical section, I cannot be satisfied.”

“I understand. I’ll look for a suitable book again at another opportunity. Let’s go and visit other towns soon to look.”

“…..No?! But?! To go that far for something like my hobby?”

“Nonono. What are you saying? Carolina has always taken care of me. This much effort is not a problem.”


“Hey! Are you alright?”

Carolina unexpedly almost fell onto the ground, so I quickly caught her in my arms.

“I’m sorry. Master’s words made me happy and I became dizzy…… For me, just those words are enough.”

The expression of Carolina who was being supported by my body, seemed to become happy.

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