Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 9

Let’s try summoning demons

In order to do the quest, we/ I turned up at the area 《Gasuur Forest》.

It seems like there is a raw material 《Medicinal Grass》 grows en mass within this region which is a vital component for the manufacture of Recovery items.

“Ne!  Souta!  How far out are you walking to? Didn’t we reached Gasuur Forest a long time back?”

“ It’s no good. We must walk in deeper.”

“…. Why??”

“If we were to encounter other adventurers while fighting the monsters as requested , we will definitely be embroiled up into unnecessary troubles.”

Now the way to differentiate the enemy goblins and my allied goblins is only through using the skill 『Judgement Eye.』


This Judgement Eye skill is only obtained after acquiring Aphrodite which resulted in gaining a huge amount of experience.

Even if I summon the goblins with great pains, if they are being suppressed by adventurers other than me, it will become become a sad outcome.

“Uuu~. Can you slacken your pace for I am tired from walking. As I am tired from walking, can I return back into the ball?”

After Aphrodite informs her intention, she on her own accord return back into the capsule ball.

Although I had confirmed it during the inspection previously, it seems like it is possible for the deployed monsters to return back to the capsule ball on their own accord if they are close to the master.

“Yoshi. Is this area good?”

After I had moved into the inner part of the forest where there are no presences of humans around, I 『Summon』the goblin within my heart.

Goblin LV 1 ( Slave)

Proof of Goblin subjugation is located at which area…..

Goblin Loincloth  Grade G
( An old rage worn by the Goblin. Intense Smell/ Stink)

According to the pamphlet which I had obtained from the Guild, the subjugation proof item for Goblins seems to be the item wrapped around the hips

Intense Stink…..

I do not want to know this kind of information.

Granted, I cannot bring myself to rip off my friendly goblins’ pants.

As I thought, this time round, it seems like it’s best if I emphasis on proceed with the 《Medicinal Grass》quest.

After deciding that, using the same trick as before, I summon the goblins in succession.

「「「GOBU! GOBU!」」」

Without a moment’s delay, I summon the whole army of 37 goblins.

Now, this is at present my full force.

Strictly speaking, there is still 1 more person. But the goddess is now in the capsule ball sleeping carefreely, so let’s forget about her.

Even you say that they are small monsters, if you were to gather this many, the power will increase considerably.

I who is accompanied by over 30 goblins, will for sure be seen as a suspicious person from the side.

“Yoshi. Goblins! Listen to me.”

I raise my voice so as to let the goblins around me being able to hear my voice.

“From now on, let’s gather the 《Medicinal grass》drawn in this book. When discovered, immediately gather that the tree’s root over there”

「「「GOBU! GOBU!」」」

The goblins who had heard my words raise their voices with their arms thrust into the air.  And scatter like spider-lings into the depths of the forest.

…..These goblins, do they really understand human language?

Although I do have some uneasiness, it has become known that I am the only person who is gathering the medicinal grass.

This time, the success of the quest is highly dependant on the capabilities of the goblins.

My aim is to use human wave tactics to get rich!

I who is praying for the goblins to return safely, send them off.

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18 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 9

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    1. xias1

      Nope, they´ll bring the plants they find …
      …but they will bring along any kind of plant EXCEPT that desired grass.
      So his plans fail due to the goblins gathering simply any plant they find. XDD

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      1. Browser

        Of course not! They’ll properly gather medicinal grass, with maybe a few other things mixed in (and he’ll comment that some goblins are smarter than others) and then one of them (or three of them) will end up running back chased by something “super strong” from the forest and he’ll capture it to ensure his safety.
        (No spoilers here, I’m just stating yet another way these things normally go. I’m actually looking forward to see how things happen, since I don’t know…yet.)


  2. GM_Rusaku

      ∧ ∧
     (๑•̀ᴗ- )✩
    ┃Thanks! Nepu!!┃
     ┗┛   ┗┛


  3. Castile

    I can imagine “Are you alright, there were reports of a goblin horde in the forest” granted 30 isn’t that many, especially in the image of goblins, but they’re equivalent to wolves, and I’d imagine that many wolves to be dangerous to a number of people.


  4. GonZ555

    Uguu.. somehow meatbun gets disturbed by the.. subjugation proofs.. meatbun is NEVER going to take that goblin subjugation quest!! Too smelly for meatbun’s health.. it’ll lower meatbun’s deliciousness



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