Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 8

Adventurers guild

According to knowledge gained from the world of games–.
When looking for a place to work in the different world, there is only one place to look!

That is the adventurer’s guild.  

Even if the aim is to defeat the Demon King and return to Earth, the first priority is raising funds and strengthening our forces.  

Fortunately, according to what a kind oba-san (Auntie)  who was in town said, there is a place called ‘Adventurers Guild’ in Adelheid.  

The Adventurers Guild was exceptionally big, surrounded by other stone buildings.  

The people inside impartially had armaments such as swords and axes – indeed adventurer-like.
Aphrodite pulled on the sleeve of my uniform for some reason, and was glued to my back.

“Oy.  What is it?”  

“W-well…..  We are being watched by lots of people!   I’m being watched!!”  

“……There is no helping it.  With such an appearance, everyone would pay attention.”  

Being summoned suddenly into the other world, I haven’t changed from my highschool uniform.  

Aphrodite is still wearing the same clothes as she wore in heaven.

“Oi oi.  What.  That erotic appearance of a nee-chan.”

“ A girl who makes you drunk with excitement just by looking at her.

From the appearance of the men, it feels as though they are admiring Aphrodite’s beauty rather than watching us both.  

However. After talking about that, Aphrodite immediately got carried away and they became silent.

“Good day.    Adventurer-sama?”

I corresponded with the receptionist onee san at the counter.

Chloe Grave
ace:  Cat-girl.
Age:  18

According to the judgment skill, her name seems to be Chloe.
She has a small sized body and the girl has a graceful atmosphere and semi-long raven black hair.

And…… Chloe-chan has cat ears on the top of head.

This is any guys dream, this bishoujo in the different world!

Chloe-chan is cuute.

I want to take her home immediately!  (Tl;  The word used for ‘take her home immediately’ can mean a one-night stand, or taking a girl home from a bar.)

“……Souta.  What are you thinking about?”   

I heard a voice with killing intent coming behind and my body experienced violent pain.
Turning back, the scowling face of Aphrodite, as if it was deformed, stared at me.

What carelessness!

It appears that Aphrodite has captured my ulterior  motives perfectly.

“A.. Ano.  Today, May I know your business with the guild today?”
Note that Literally, it is very polite

“Etto, I am looking for a job. Is there any job that I am able to do?

“Understood. Is this your first time using this guild?”

“Yes, actually I had just reached this street.”

“I will humbly partake the consultation with you. I am required to issued to you a adventure card for usage in this establishment.
 As I am going to perform the registration process, will you please register your name on this paper. If you are unable to write your name, it is possible to call for a representative.”

“No, it’s okay.”

I wrote my name on the paper which was presented by the receptionist Onee-san.

It is a wonder that I am able to write words smoothly in the alternate world.

“Eeto, Kazehaya Souta sama. I will now process your guild registration. In a situation where you lost this guild card, a new one will be issued to you with handling charges. Therefore, please take care of it.

“ Thank you very much”

Kazehaya Souta

Adventurer Rank:  G

It was written on the Guild card which I had received.

“ As this is your first time using the guild card, I will explain about the establishment simply.”

In a experienced tone, the receptionist Chloe-chan continued speaking.

“ I will explain about the adventure guild simply and the establishment where adventurers offer their services to quest requested by countries, individuals etc.
The content of the quest ranges from monster subjugation to the search of an unaccounted cat. When you accumulate your achievements, you will increase your guild rank. Thereafter, the range of quest that you are able to partake will increase. “


“I see. By the way, speaking of the adventurer’s rank, what should I do to be able to rank up?”

“Yes. There is no other way to increase your rank other than getting judged by the guild about your 『Aptitude アリ』

:…. Ohh. What an extremely loose condition”.

With a cute smile, the raven black hair girl said.

In short, even if you have splendid achievements, if it is not recognised by the people above, it will not possible to promote to a higher rank.

Please stop introducing a system to mimic reality into this Game~ish world….

“Souta-sama. It is also possible to immediately accepts request from now on. Please search for quests pasted on the Guild Board over there that you are able to accept  bring them to the counter and wait.”

I stood before the billboard pointed by Kuroe-chan and started looking for moderate jobs.

☆Subjugation Type Quest

Subjugation of Wolfs

Required R : G
Success conditions: Subdue five wolves.
Reward: 4000 Kol
Repeat: Allowed

Subjugation of Goblins

Required R : G
Success conditions: Subdue five goblins.
Reward: 4000 Kol
Repeat: Allowed

☆Search Type Quest

Collect Medicinal Grass

Required R: G
Success conditions: Bring back 10 medicinal grass.
Reward: 6000 Kol
Repeat: Allowed

So based on my present adventurer rank, the quest that I can take part seems to be of 3 types huh?

There are other quest that I can accept too. But the rewards are too low or the requirements are unclear. Therefore I had removed them from my selections.

“ Erm.  I wish to do the subjugation quest but how do I show proofs that I had defeated the demons?”

“Details are in a small pamphlet which will be passed over to you when you accept the quest. Basically, it is necessary to remove and collect the defeated demon’s parts.

“…. Understood.”

Presently the demons that I had met, without defeating them I had used the capsule ball to make them my comrades.

I see, This time should I go for the search quest?

“These quests do not have any time limit. Souta-sama, if you wish, it is possible to apply for all of them at the same time.  How about it?”

“If that’s the case, please let me apply for all of them”

“ I have acknowledged your request. And this is the 《Beginner Set 》 which will be offered to people who registered at the guild for the first time. Please use it as you wish.

“Thank you very much”

I received the 《Beginner’s Set 》which seems to be packed as a necessary item for  adventurers

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