Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 10

Let’s gather Medicinal grass in the forest.

After forcing them to gather the medicinal grass, around 2 hours has elapsed.
It can be said that from the conclusion that getting the goblins to help is a success.

At the tree root that I had designated lies a huge mound of medicinal grass.

Medicinal Grass Grade F
(A standard raw material used in the creation of Recovery items)

“Yoshi, It’s almost time to pack up and return back to the village huh.”

More than 50 of Medicinal grass has been gathered at the tree root.
Even if I coveted for more Medicinal grass than this, not being able to carry them back to the Adventurer’s Guild is also meaningless.

I who tried following the Goblins to search for the Medicinal grass, till now couldn’t even find a single one.

As expected, this is what they called sense of the wild?

(TL: I am very sure there is a term for people who had grown up in the wild. Morelike 6th sense in the wild.)

I who was forever staying indoors playing net games during my time on Earth, the difficulty level for finding medicinal grass is somewhat high for me.

Ahh, But it does not mean that I do not have any harvest at all, okay?

I who was wandering around in the midst of the forest, has successfully captured 15 more goblins.

At present, there are now 52 contracted goblins.

Goblins who move about in huge groups, became easy prey for me to fish.

If this pace continues to tomorrow, I believe I am able to create an army of goblins

There is something which worries me.

Although I had waited for the goblins to come back since a while back, even till now there are about 10 goblins yet to return.

“…. Oh. They are finally coming back huh?”

As the thicket * Goso Goso* moved, I felt a sigh on relief.

To my surprise, the one jumping out of the grass thicket is a monster different from the goblin.

Wolf  LV 3/5   Grade: G
Vitality: 18
Strength: 23
Intelligence: 6
Mana: 7


That monster which resembles a wolf possess black fur.

It’s Level is 3.

Compared to the goblins that I contracted with, it’s a little higher.

It’s teeth is still dyed with fresh red blood.

At that point of time, I intuitively understood the reasons for the missing goblins.

「It can’t be. This wolf ate…..!?」

No matter how long the time elapsed, they are not going to return for they are beaten by the wolf monsters in front of me.



The number of enemies is 5.
As they surrounded me, their growls increases in volume.


These dogs plan to win with just these standards.

From the viewpoint of numbers, you have a long way to go to dominate me.

“Go! Goblins!”

As expected, the goblins based on my instructions jump out to fight.
Exceeding 30 goblins, they rushed towards the wolves as their targets.

As one would expect, they did not consider receiving this much attacks huh.
The wolves who are being surrounded by the goblin army became seemingly frightened.

And then.
Victory was decided within 1 minute.

It seems like originally the during the battle of the goblins and wolves, there is a huge difference in the individual battle capabilities of between them.

The wolves win in physical ability while the goblins win in intelligence. But their comprehensive ability is on par.

Although we won through number, I have a 1 shot kill skill 《Capsule Ball》.

Some time ago, the 5 wolves who bark *Kyan Kyan* , resulted in entering the capsule ball.

Although with just successfully collecting Medicinal grass is sufficient, the adventure this time, I foresee the challenges I will have in the future.

In particular,I want to prioritise strengthening my monsters.

As it is, when I instruct the goblins to move out to collect medicinal grass, they will be guaranteed to become the wolves’ prey.

As much as possible I must quickly create a counter measure for the area around here.

As I send the goblins back into the capsule ball after finishing their roles, thought about that issue.

Employed Monster Data

Encyclopedia # 401
Race: Demon Tribe
Class: G
Level: 1
Vitality: 15
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 5
Mana: 5



Basic monster wolf tribe monster.

Keen/Sharp Movements, with distinctive characteristic to use it’s sharp teeth to attack.

Depending on the method upbringing, there are various hidden possible evolution.


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32 thoughts on “Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 10

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      1. xias1

        But MC gotta change his ways soon.
        While he can catch any monster or rather any being (evend gods) the part about being able to increase the amount of captured beings by 1 for every 10 levels the tamer has doesn´t change.
        His current level is 500+ something.
        And he got 52 goblins – 10 goblins (being eaten) + 5 wolfs + 1 goddess = 48 captured beings.
        So he got only a few more slots left.

        Hence he must soon change from quantity to quality of the captured beings.


  2. synthous

    Wolf riding goblins. Teach the goblins both tactics for small groups and all together (collecting, scouting and hit and run). Then teach them a few tactics, calculation and maybe production later on. GOBARMY HURRAH!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. GM_Rusaku

      ∧ ∧
     (๑•̀ᴗ- )✩
    ┃Thanks! Nepu!!┃
     ┗┛   ┗┛


  4. GM_Rusaku

    『As expected, this is what they called sense of the wild?』
    Sense of the wild can also be called 【Wild Instinct】


  5. xRciri

    I do enjoy how he could capture 50 odd towns folk, enough to start a real conspiracy, but he settles for goblins


  6. naleastie

    Hmm I think he’s still weak when compared with other adventurers. But, what’s with that catch rate?! XD 100% catch rate? Are you serious?
    I would say that it’s because his level is much higher than the monsters but… at lvl 1 he caught a goddess haha

    Liked by 1 person

      1. naleastie

        Really? I thought that would only apply when the “monster” is caught.. XD so basically, dodge or be a slave? Darn, he doesn’t even need to fight !


  7. Barabarossa (@Arkusar)

    somehow i feehl this is starting like the guys, that enslaved a horde of slimes that started to develop in all kinds of different species xD if i had a skill that makes every throw a masterball, i would start from enslaving dragons and not fill all my slots with goblins…


  8. Lokiguy

    Sadly I think the goddess will prove useless, she existed just to be a beauty and illustration of how op his absolute control and monster tamer is…. her ‘curse’ makes her Weaker than when he was lvl one almost

    Apparently neither the goddess not mc realize that he could beat the demon Lord now? Just throw and hit with Pokemon balls 😹 but I am hoping that the demon Lord they are waiting to be reborn is mc since he can take out God’s makes sense


  9. kodakam

    It seems that Souta overcame his Goblin’s heard addiction, and got another kind of monster. He is one step closer to honour the mote “Gotta catch them all”.



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