Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 6

Translator: Rumanshi (mtl, mostly)
Editor: N/A
TLC: Fairy (From Raising The Dead)


Absolute Control

Following the road, I walked the grassy plain for around 1 hour looking for a town.  

In this grassy plain, it seems like the monster inhabiting it is that 1 goblin type.

According to Aphrodite.
It seems that the experience gained from making a contract as a monster tamer is the same as if a monster was defeated.

That’s why I decided to excessively hunt goblins.  

Goblin LV 1/5  Rank/Grade G

Vitality 10
Strength 15
Intelligence 10
Mana 5

Using the skill Appraisal eyes, such characters are displayed above the goblin’s head.  

So far, all the goblins I’ve come across are level 1.

As I did not properly inspect it, I can’t say for sure, but the number on the right hand side is probably representing the greatest level of the demon.  

After immersing myself in the work of capturing goblin with capsules ball, I check my status.

Kazehaya Souta
Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 557(↑556)
Vitality: 252(↑237)
Physical Strength: 95 (↑90)
Intelligence: 200(↑190)
Mana: 2898(↑2843)

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eye

Goblin’s  ( ×18)

It’s probably because I had risen too much levels in the beginning huh..
Although I caught 18 goblins, a rise in level is not seen.

The goblins who are caught became eraser-sized roam around inside the capsule ball.   

After verifying the capsule ball skill, I come to an understanding that somehow or another, I can only summon 1 of them.

“ Gobuu-!  Gobuu-!” (x3)  

Although only 1 can be summoned, I am able to enslave several more monsters.  

That’s why, as for now—.

Some of the 18 goblins walked around in the capsule ball.

The capsule ball boasts a large amount of land for the miniaturized monsters.
It seems like due to the space, around 1000 of them can fit into it.

“ May I have some of your time? I have some thoughts after looking at my status?”

“……What about it?”

“Is there not some sort of limit for the number of monsters a monster tamer can enslave?”

“Of course a limit exists.   The basic one should increase by 1 for each time a level increases by 10.”  

“……I see”

In other words, the number of demons whom I can enslave at the present time is 56?  

Perhaps….. Aren’t they already cheat class at the present moment?

“Apart from that, Souta.  It was troubling me from a little while ago, can you not summon the goblins you caught?   I think with more companions, battle becomes easier.”

“Hmmm.  Right now, I’m not having much trouble with fighting.” 

As for the occupation called monster tamer, the status seems to be low generally, but–.
Nonetheless, my level is overkill in this grassland.

Thinking about it now, receiving the grace from having the status increase, meant the first goblin was defeated in 1 kick.

“Aah. No need to worry. The monster tamer can order the contracted monster freely.”

“…….I see.   Was there such an effect?

Aphrodite says so with a nonchalant look as though it was none of her business. 

However, does this girl not have the thing called wariness?  

If what she says is true, about wanting to do ero things with this goddess as much as i want….

It’s a good opportunity to have a little fun.

“Then, as a trial.  D.  ‘Turn around the spot, will you?  

“……Yes?   You, are you making a fool of me?  The female goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite-sama will abide by such a rule of yours… ?  Ehhh??!”

In the middle of her words, Dee spun suddenly.  *SFX: Kuru Kuru

Aphrodite who is wearing a dress overflowing with elegance, has an unexpectedly short skirt.


Aphrodite’s rotation creates a small wind which gently raises her skirt, revealing her pink underwear.

When I issued the order I did not in the slightest expect that.
Aphrodite has become teary eyed.

“Uu.  UUuuuu.  Souta you idiot!  What did you do!?”  

“No.  It’s my bad.  It really was to test if commanding was possible.  It’s not that I want to do any strange commands.    It’s like that, so don’t get angry.”  

“ Certainly, if you limit to just this time, it’s not like I will not disapprove….”

“Only this time?”  

“ By any chance, you have no intentions to give me, the goddess, lewd orders, am I right?”

Aphrodite was red to her ears and panicked.

Hou hou.

Although she’s called a goddess, she still has knowledge in that area.

Is that okay  ?  I certainly said that I’d participate in the making of Souta’s harem!   But…. but, I didn’t say I’m entering myself personally as a member!”  

“……Is it a flag?”

“ No,  there’s no such thing!   !  Stupid Souta!”

She hit me with all her force.  

Certainly, there is no doubts about the fact that Aphrodite is a peerless beautiful girl. But adding her in  as a Harem member has somewhat a different feeling to it.

It’s the feeling of a friend rather than a lover.  

Therefore, I was caught up in the moment a little this time.  I will reflect.

Employed Monster Data

Encyclopedia # 301
Race: Demon Tribe
Class: G
Level: 1
Vitality: 10
Strength: 15
Intelligence: 10
Mana: 5



The monster is the basic race of the demon tribe.
The individual fighting ability is low, but the intelligence is high.
Depending on how it is raised, there are hidden potentials for a variety of evolution’s


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