Other World’s Monster Breeder (PokeGod) – Chapter 6

Link is here. 

Past here, is a comment on Doctor Who’s latest episode.



Man, that was so f*cking predictable that I just wanna cry, y’know?  Anyone else feel this way?

11 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder (PokeGod) – Chapter 6

      1. Vehnriel

        But they’re just treated as grunts in every other world. D:
        Just because they work in groups doesn’t mean they’re intelligent, it could just be in their nature


      1. BakaGrappler

        Yeah, I’ve been there.

        I’m not gonna say anything entitled like, “Get to work translating right meow!” But it would be nice if there was one chapter a week, at least. Good luck working the lanes.


  1. Slime bun

    This doctor is miserable. “Can I just lose this time ?” Repeated billion times, you got Doctor life. Or, as he described, hell



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