Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 5

Translator: Rumanshi
Editor: N/A
Help:  Fairy from Raising the Dead
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Other World’s Harem Plan

“Although, I have a single doubt.  For example, in the event that I defeat the Demon King and return to Earth, will my abilities as a monster tamer disappear?  

“Eetto.    In that situation, the ability should be taken over.  It’s impossible for the ability obtained to be taken away, even for a God like me.”  

“……Then, I am able to take the monster’s from Capsule Ball back with me to Earth?”  

“Well, such a thing is possible. But I believe that in order not to let you abuse your powers, we gods will observe at fixed intervals.”


I, after receiving the words from Aphrodite, make 1 big decision from the depths of my heart.

“…….Yosh.  It’s decided.”

“ ? What’s decided?”  

“The aim.  The aim for living in this other world has been decided.”

“I see.  An admirable intention.   It’s the determination to defeat the Demon King immediately, isn’t it?

“No.  It’s different?”


“ Per.. Perhaps you are the type who thinks about not wanting to go back to your original world? “

“No.    Of course I love Japan’s anime and games and I  plan to return to Earth.”  

“……Then what is it?   Did you not hear what I just said?   There is no other way to return to your original world besides defeating the Demon King.”  

Due to Aphrodite hounding at me, I reluctantly explain it.

“Listen.  As I will only explain it once listen well, okay?   My goal is to use this ability <Absolute Control> in order to take a beautiful girl from this other world back to Earth!”


Hearing my idea, Aphrodite has an extra large question mark floating above her head.

According to Aphrodite, it seems that even after returning to Earth, my ability as a monster tamer will not disappear.  

If that’s the case, getting a beautiful girl in the capsule ball, it’s probably possible to take them back to Earth.  

“I say. I’m serious? Building a harem in another world is a man’s irreplaceable romance!
However, I have no intention of staying in a world with neither Air conditioning or Junk food for a long time!
I’ll defeat the demon king. However, that’s after building my ideal harem in the different world!”

“I’m, I’m understanding your meaning less and less!  Such a thing cannot be permitted ethically!
Primarily, I who is a god, will not stay silent!”  

“Isn’t it good?”


“You can’t return to heaven until the Demon King is defeated?  Because, until I’ve built the best Harem in the world; I don’t intend to defeat the Demon King?”


Realizing the meaning of my words Aphrodite has a look of astonishment.

Aphrodite’s status certainly may be strong in the heavens, but in this world there’s a limiter and she is weakened.  

Speaking of which, whether she will go back to heaven or not, as for now, she is completely taking part in my activities.

“Does D want to return to heaven?    If so, don’t you want to co-operate with my plan?”  

“Don’t be an idiot!    For me who is a god, it’s impossible to help with such a vulgar plan!”

“Is that so?  Perhaps you’ll remain in this world your whole life……  You’ll be fine.  

When Aphrodite thought quietly for a while, a refreshing smile surfaced on her face as if it was unbounded before long.

“It, It can’t be helped!  Although I’m unwilling……  I’ll co-operate with Souta to make a harem!”  

“Alrighty.   I thought you’d say so!”  

When I offered my hand, Aphrodite accepted.

If there are abandoned gods in this world, there will also be gods waiting to be picked up.  (tl:  世の中には捨てる神もあれば、拾う神もいるということなのだろう。)
Suddenly getting summoned into the other world , I whose path has closed in an instant open up into a straight bright future.

In this way, I and Kami-sama come together for the <Other World’s Harem Plan>.

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33 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 5

      1. Robbini

        Well, it’s not necessarily blackmailing. It’s a statement of fact. Until he gets what he wants, whether or not with her help (would speed or slow things down), she won’t get what she wants. If he had said ‘I won’t get started on my plan, before you agree to help out, which would in turn get your plan complete faster’ or something similar, then it would be more blackmaillike.

        So yes, it can be considered blackmail to some, but in essence, I would say it’s not blackmail, but making a deal.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Vivec

        I’m not entirely sure I really do consider it blackmail anyways. The powers being active on Earth might be a pretty reasonable compensation for defeating the demon king, but compensating for the part where it’s involuntary was pretty ignored, so I say this MC did it right in just doing it.


    1. ScruDeFactuTh@tIH2av3AC2rpT0nnaProjecsLeftu

      Id just get hella op, and then go home. no harems. stupid asf, wastes time. fantasies should be pure fantasies, without romance


      1. rymelink

        No, romance is correct in fantasies. At least as long as it’s well implemented. Harem tought is absolutely the worst as it utterly destroy the soul of a good fantasy or isekai.


  1. luislock

    I’m surprised it took him this long to loosen up. He seemed like a zombie the past few chapters. All his emotions only showed up in his thoughts.

    It’s like:
    “Oh you are summoning me to another world. I don’t really like that idea. But whatever. Monster tamer is the worst job? I see, couldn’t you have given me a better job? Oh well. Oh I captured Aphrodite? Ok. Oh I have to stay here until I beat the demon lord? Ok. Then,

    I WILL BUILD A HAREM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 6 people

      1. Anon

        The only people who’d post something like that are shut-ins who only get to see a real female when their mom brings dinner to their room. That’s not even an insult. It accurately reflects what you posted.


  2. Moonspike

    The author really picked the wrong goddess to have ethical problems with having multiple lovers, since she was also the goddess of pleasure and procreation and had many lovers.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. genos

        Hey, just a note TL, you used “taken over” in your translation, that’s a bad use of the word, taken can easily be mistaken for taking away. That’s what the word itself implies.

        You should used carried over in this scenario.


  3. urobrous

    i’m giving this 10 chapters (these 5 included) to prove it’s good.

    so far it’s not bad and the TL did not do the same as the one from shinka no mi who adds -tsu to the MC’s every fcking word.

    so yes, this is decent.

    also what’s with aphrodite’s “yo”? she sounds like a white-boy snoop dogg.


  4. xtremeloldude

    i feel like the demon lord may be a hot girl and this will all end with a casual ball throw

    thanks for the chapter



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