Jobless – Chapter 64

Translator:  Nyanyan 
Editor:  Rumanshi 

Comment:  Ford was renamed Fault, however this is not permanent yet.   The guys name is Faruto, and so far this has been my favoured option.
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 At the student council ③

Fault Haldion

From what I can see, he is a Human man.
His grey hair is done up and flows down his back.
He’s really tall, probably well over 180cm.
It’s hard to see thanks to his uniform, but he has a strong body build.
He’s no doubt muscular too.
All of these didn’t make me feel pressured though.
So what was it that made a deep impression on me?

“It’s been a while Fault-senpai”

It was Eri who called out.
As a former Student Council member, she seems to be acquainted with Fault.
Fault turned to look at Eri.

“……Hm……? Could you be Elishia? Because you’re wearing a girl’s uniform I thought you were someone else”

It took Fault a while to recognize Eri.
Given the circumstances however, it is understandable.
Her personality aside, the current Eri’s appearance has totally changed.
Perhaps because she was still called Eri, Fault didn’t know that there is no longer a student called Elishia in this institute.
It is still only known by a few people even amongst the Second Years.

“There is no longer a student called Elishia in this school. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Elisha Hyland.”

And so Eri announced it.
Her own name.
Fault having heard that,

“I see. I don’t know the circumstances but I’ll remember that”

As if not paying much attention, only said that,

“Aren’t you going to introduce the guy over there? He’s the rumored transfer student in the flesh right?”

He once again faced me.
His eyes, filled with strength and overflowed with confidence.
But there was no condescension.
Even though I’m a kouhai, he didn’t show any signs of complacense.
It may have only been that, but it felt like this distinguished the man from the other students.

“Second Year, Mars Ruina”

This man is strong.
At the very least, this is accurate compared to the other students in this institute.
That he is currently the institute’s strongest doesn’t seem to be an empty boast.

“So it’s Mars. It’s already mentioned earlier, I’m Fault Haldion. Be it Fault or senpai, call me whatever you like!”

Although he is a senpai, he gives an impression of being a guy who you can easily get along with.

“Then, is Fault-senpai ok?”
“Sure! Mars, let’s get along, k?”

Fault gave a wild smile.
Fault and I finished introducing ourselves.

“—- Well then, it’s about time I resumed the story”

Alicia said.

“Mars-kun, enter the Student Council”

Her order came again, accompanied by a stern gaze.

“What’s this? He hasn’t entered yet?”

Fault seemed surprised.
He might have thought that I’d have already agreed to join by now.

“There should have been enough merits”

Alicia said.
It’s not like there’s absolutely no merit to it.
I thought being able to visit the other institutes was rather interesting.
I could probably make friends with students there.
All that is obviously not a bad thing. However,

“Choose. Refuse and oppose us. Or accept and walk with us.”

I was presented with two options.
If I refuse the offer, I’ll have to fight with the Student Council people huh.
That also seems interesting.

“Oi oi Alicia, are you abusing your authority?”

Fault doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic though.

“Eh, we’ve always done whatever it takes to get the job done right? Why are you only complaining now?”
“No, there’s nothing wrong with that. This place is ability centered adventurer training institution. With enough power pretty much anything can be done”

Fault said aloofly.
But Fault was beating about the bush.
Alicia had this kind of feeling.

“What are you trying to say?”

Although said in a polite tone, there was a thorn in her voice.
She was obviously irritated.

“Do you think you’ll win?”

With a stunned expression, a voice violent enough to shake the air came out of Alicia’s mouth.

“Er? That’s not it.
If you were to fight now, do you think you can beat Mars?”

To make sure that he wasn’t misheard, Fault once again spoke clearly.

“I don’t get it.
I know he’s a transfer student recommended by instructor Lania.
Winning against Rusty was also no small feat.
Second Year’s winning against Third Years, surely this can’t be easily done.
However, us losing?”

There’s no possibility of losing.
Words to convince herself came out from Alicia’s mouth. However,

“Ah. It’s a sure loss. Then shouldn’t you not fight? Can’t you understand the difference in strength?”

However, Fault hesitant tone wasn’t lost.
He seemed to confirm that his judgement wasn’t wrong.


It was Nenea the werecat, laughing so hard that her tummy hurt.

“I’ve been listening all this while, but what are you trying to say nyow Fault?”

Not being able to hold back any longer, Nenea the werecat spoke up.

“Us losing, nyow that’s hilarious”
“Aren’t you being beyond self-conceited?”
“Conceit? Nyahahahaha! —In that case”

Immediately after letting out a weird laugh.
Nenea’s voice suddenly went cold.

“Do you want to try it out nyow!?”

Letting out bloodlust, a match descended.

“Nenea, wai—”

Alicia’s plea fell on deaf ears, the werecat Nenea ignored her and started moving.
She instantly appeared behind me who was sitting on a chair.


A blow to the back of my head.
I heard the sound of the impact and something cracking.

Nenea hit and broke the chair where I was seated.

“You know, senpai”

Nenea hurriedly turned around when she heard me calling out.

“I condone the first attack, but if you continue, I’ll fight back.”
“I understand purrfectly. You maybe still be able to brag with that big meowth of yours. But—”

Immediately after saying that, Nenea vanished.
She didn’t move.
She just simply vanished.

(Majutsu… no, it’s a Technical Skill)

It’s an interesting ability.
She disappeared totally from sight.
Depending on how it’s used, it might be useful for reconnaissance.
However this power is in the hand of an unsuitable user.
After all, her bloodlust is not erased.
If it’s like this, no matter how you erase yourself, you’re still extremely easy to locate.

I ducked.
At that moment, I felt the wind being cut where my head was.
From there, I anchored myself with my right hand and struck out at her leg with my left foot.

“Nyo way!?”

Bump—- At that moment the sound of something falling was heard and Nenea appeared.
I grabbed Nenea by the scruff of her neck, who fell down on the desk that I broke earlier, with my right hand.

“Do you want to keep going?”

Nenea had her mouth agape and her face showing a ridiculous expression.
She however immediately understood the situation she was in.
Grinding her fang, she shot me a baleful look.

“—-Grrrrrr, fine fine nyow—”

I squeezed the neck of this rebellious kitty.


A sound escaped her choked throat.

“Do you… still wanna keep going?”

I asked her again.
Her expression was wracked with pain, but her eyes still shone with rebellion.
Looks like she still intends on fighting.
In that case, it’d be easier if you just fainted.
Thinking so, I raised my left hand.

“Mars, that idiot got what she deserved, how about you let her off with just that?”

Fault called out just as I was about to knock her out with my fist.

“I’m all for stopping, but this senior you see”
“Nenea won’t do anything again. If she tries to do anything, I’ll stop her with all my might.”

Having said that, Fault approached me.

“She may be like that, but she’s still my buddeh.
So please forgive her.
Nenea, you go cool your head for a bit.”

Fault touched Nenea.
Just then, my fingers which were supposed to be gripping Nenea suddenly flew skywards .
Nenea’s person completely disappeared.
She hadn’t just went into hiding, she was no longer in the room.
The cause wasn’t Nenea’s skill.
This was most likely Fault’s power.

“Sorry about that, interrupting the fight like that.
Are you perhaps dissatisfied?”

Not even dissatisfaction, just that level of thing wasn’t even considered combat.

“If you still crave for a fight, maybe I can be your opponent? As expected, I’m better than Nenea but……”

If it’s Fault, the fight might prove to be a little more entertaining.
I can understand with a glance that his combat abilities were high.
He’s certainly a cut above the other students.
But it’s still lower than the instructor bunch.
And, of course, lower than the Principal.

I am however interested in Fault’s ability.
What power did he use to kick out that werecat just now?
To find out what it is, combat may be required.


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