OWMB – Chapter 56

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That’s right, a new chapter of poke… I mean, Other World’s Monster Breeder!  But tell me, do you want to see another owmb chapter next, or a jobless chapter?   Sorry that I’m not as good as Jason was…  but I’ll try my best.     Had help from Roa this chapter.

I’m planning on updating my patreon so leave some suggestions as to what I should do for that…

Seriously though, what do you want to see me do from now?
1 chapter of pokegod a week.
1 chapter of jobless a week.
switch between the two every week.
Force myself to do one chapter of each a week <– pls no.
Or something else?   Tell me, I wanna know.
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17 thoughts on “OWMB – Chapter 56

      1. gechisite

        thanks for the chapter 😀

        i think switch between the two every week is good. (2job and 2poke per 4weeks)
        if one has more raws then the other then (1job and 3poke per 4weeks or 3job and 1poke per 4weeks)


  1. Random Dude

    Pokegod is a better choice considering it has shorter length and has been dropped for a while now. Also taking to account that jobless is getting boring with that forced comedy that the author trying to pull out recently.



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