THWAFG – V1SS1 (Onee-Sama and I)

Hi guys!  This release is two parts of shorter, side stories (But they’re still important to the plot).  As I say in the chapter, I intended to have three SS today, but it wasn’t feasible.   However, it will be released on Saturday, along with the other SS that are planned!  Woo! Right?    If you want to read the chapter, please click here.  SS2 will be released in one to three hours.

If you’re able, it would mean a lot if you could consider supporting my Patreon.  Every little bit counts, as I’m sure your all aware.   I’ve been working on some rewards that I thought some people might like, but here’s my request:  If there’s a reward you’d like to see, please suggest it.  I’ll consider adding it in order to cater to my fans in the best way possible.

Once again, thank you for your readership and loyalty!


5 thoughts on “THWAFG – V1SS1 (Onee-Sama and I)

  1. Dark Jackel

    I can’t help on the money front, as I have no income right now myself…I’ll keep cheering you on, though.

    Thanks for the side story! I hope he manages to conquer that attention deficit a bit…not that I know anything about — OO~, A SQUIRREL!!!



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