The Harem was a Forced Goal – V1SS1: Onee-sama and I

AN: I intended to release 3 SS chapters today, however I only managed to arrange two.  (The third SS was incomplete, if I do finish it I’ll post it, but no promises).  I guess an announcement is in order, as this is an EN and apparently they have a reputation of being dropped.   So, this is my official statement:  I am not planning on dropping this novel for a long time.  If there is a delay, I will make a post about it, either on here or on my twitter.
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Onee-sama and I

V1SS2: Onee-sama and I

==== Day 1 ====
I ended up being placed in the same room as onee-sama, and there wasn’t a way for us to get out of it. We avoided arguing about it after our first attempt, as the maid gave us an extremely dangerous look. It gave me shivers up my spine, worse than you would get if your house were to be possessed by a ghost. Thus, currently, I am listening to onee-sama give a list of rules which I’ll probably end up forgetting…

“Oi! Pay attention. It’s important for you to follow these rules, or so help me, I’ll make your life miserable! I guess I’ll just have to start all over again!”

Uhhh, please, I was paying attention. I just, got a little distracted. Also, what are you planning on doing to make my life miserable!? Actually… I don’t even want to know. Anything onee-sama does, is extremely scary.
“Don’t talk to me unless I speak to you, you can’t be in the room when I’m changing, you can’t come in until I say you can. Also, you’re not allowed to faint in here, you’re not allowed to sleep in, you have to listen to what I say…”

She continued on for a long time with a bunch of incredibly ridiculous rules to see if I was listening to her but as I didn’t react she just assumed I wasn’t listening, so she shortened the rules to:

1. I can only be in the room when I have her permission.
2. Bringing in others is forbidden.
3. I have to continue on training with her.
4. Onee-sama gets the top bunk.

For onee-sama, I think it’s actually a fairly good compromise and I’m not too bothered about these rules. After all, I was already planning on continuing my training and bringing others in seems like a hard thing to do anyway. The only thing I have a slight issue with is the permission to be in the room, but I’m sure it’s a rule that will be loosened up eventually, right?

Well, maybe if I can make myself appear better in her eyes she’ll be more relaxed around me, rather than this uptight personality she always shows… I don’t want to believe that she is like this all the time. I really don’t.

“Get out now. I’ll tell you when you can come back in.”

But for now, I’ll just deal with it, as it will take time to make her softer on me.

==== Day 2 ====

“Wake up! I told you, you’re going to be training! That means getting up early in the morning! How can you lie there so relaxed? GET UP!”

Onee-sama is currently kicking me while shouting these things. I think the only thing missing is some obscenities and then this would be exactly how a sibling would be woken up for going to school. Following this, I would either say something like ‘I don’t wanna…’ or ‘5 more minutes…’. There’s also the scene where I end up trying to hit her.

However, I know that doing these things would only annoy onee-sama, so I’ll forgo doing something that will disadvantage me.

“Right! Sorry, onee-sama! I’m getting up!”

“Good! I’ll wait two minutes for you to get changed outside the door, and then we’ll start! Else, there’ll be consequences!”

“120… 119…”

Onee-sama starts counting down seconds as she leaves the room. Hey, that’s cheating! That means you’re waiting for less than two minutes… Oh well, I’d better change quickly. There’s really no point in arguing.
After the beating she gave me during ‘training’, onee-sama and I were called by the headmaster in order to tell us our schedules… There’s actually a time slot in the afternoon for onee-sama to train me… I’ll be doing this twice a day!?

Learning of this, I went back to our room to rest for a while so I didn’t run out of energy. I still have to manage it… Is there really no way to cure it?

==== Day 7 ====

The days are passing really quickly. Were they passing this quickly in the past? They probably were… Well, if I were to say a reason as to why they feel quicker, is that onee-sama’s training is scary. Really scary. If I hadn’t experienced many life or death situations in my past lives, I think I might have peed my pants a few times… Onee-sama was slightly impressed but not to the extent of changing her view of me.

Oh, the fairy’s been going through some sort of tests with the maid, in order to verify her sincerity that she isn’t using or tricking me. So far, she’s been cleared of most suspicions but they’re still running a few more tests, whatever they are. Apparently, the academy possesses some resources which make it easier for the maid to do this, so she waited until we were here… She really scares me, more so than onee-sama.

Yuuki’s been… Training by herself. It seems the headmaster found out about Yuuki being a girl and challenged her to a duel or something… Of course, being a slave she had to ask my permission and it ended up being along the lines of ‘If she can beat me, I’ll let her have some training space. If not, I want her as a slave’. He limited himself to not using Martial Practices and pretty much lost straight away. (I saw him smiling afterwards, so he either A) Purposely lost or B) Is an M). I’m seriously hoping it’s the first option but with this guy it’s just hard to tell.

Hmmm…. Am I forgetting someone?

Oh, Lumi… She hasn’t even been near our room for this week. I spoke to Sarah and Tomoe and their answer was…

“She’s forbidden from visiting for a fortnight. She’s currently in intensive studies and you would do well to study as well!”

Thus, I’ve kind of put it in the back of my mind…

==== End of Month ====
The academy’s education is really hard to keep up with, especially when adding in onee-sama’s training, however it has been worth it. My practice of the Martial Practice ‘flavour’ has come quite far, allowing for me to retain some of the taste of meals while establishing if it contains poisonous substances or not. However, it still has a long way to go. I intent to make it so it will not remove any of the taste of the actual food and remove the poison if I so choose. (Getting drunk would be quite difficult I think if it wasn’t a by choice thing.)

I wonder how long this repetitive life will last…

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