OWMB (Pokegod) – Chapter 24


This translation is based off the web novel.  To support the author, you should consider buying the light novel.


7 thoughts on “OWMB (Pokegod) – Chapter 24

      1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

        This translation is based off the web novel. The light novel was released after the web novel, so I don’t understand what you’re asking.


      2. mlovolm

        i think he mean is it an original work or a TLed work =))
        its TLed = answer :v
        btw, i got trouble w access RTD,what happened?page doesn’t load 😐


      3. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

        We’re working on fixing it. Don’t know.

        But I was saying to support the author of the novel I’ve been translating for a while? IT MAKES NO SENSE!


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