Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 24

mtl:  Miss Nomu


The forbidden Combination

The latest swamp land search is for the collection of <<Medicinal Mushrooms>.

According to the pamphlet which I received from the guild, <<Medicinal Mushrooms> seem to often inhabit particularly humid locations in the swamp land of Zumaria.

The same method as when I harvested <<Medicinal Grass>> before in a forest will probably be good.

So I decided to summon the goblin army, one after another.

“Amazing! To be able to summon so many monsters at the same time…!”

Carolina sent a respectful look towards me, who managed to summon the goblin army without pause.

“Well. I guess this amazing?”

It can’t be helped that it doesn’t feel that amazing. I haven’t had anything or anyone to compare it to.

“Of course! It is said that the number of monsters which a demon trainer can contract depends on your level! It is said to be possible to employ 3 monsters simultaneously only at the top rank.”

“…is that so”

If it takes one person to summon 3 monsters at once, then I wonder how many people I count as…..

“Isn’t it natural? After all, Souta contracted a God! I’m the reason you don’t have to work so much.”


So…that’s why you have a smug face.

By the way.
While we were chattering away, I decided to enter the work as the summoning of the goblin knights was over.

I intend to have Aphrodite and Carolina help with the collection of this <<Medicinal Mushroom>> too.

I decided to add five goblin knights and one wolf to each of them as they entered into work.

“Go from under my command and obey the orders of Aphrodite and Carolina. Protect those two like you would me, and if anything happens protect them with your lives”

“Gobu!” x2

“Gauuu!” x 2

I want to leave two people mainly as a primary conduit to bridge me and the demons.

As for the search, if I let a monster make an expedition, a single order will be insufficient.

If it is possible to get Aphrodite and Carolina to give orders at the right time, wouldn’t it make the search more efficient?

For that reason, we divide into 3.

After Approximately 10 minutes had passed since I started work.

The first Goblin Knight who started searching seems to have succeeded in the collection of the first << medicinal food mushroom>>.

I came to this place to collect <<Medicinal Mushrooms>> but this time there’s something more important I’d like to see.

Bakuraja Ackerman

Occupation: Slave trader
Level 21
Vitality 28
Muscular strength value 18
Magical power value 42
Spiritual strength 55

Assasin’s Dagger of the Slaughter, Fire Elemental Magic (Beginner), Water Elemental Magic (Beginner)

From a capsule ball, I summon the middle-aged man who I had previously employed.

“…Where is this!?”

Bakuraga appeared to be upset when he suddenly appeared in the outside world.

It would be terrible if Aphrodite and Carolina were to experience sexual harassment in the ball. That’s why I ordered Bakuraja to sleep in the ball until I permitted otherwise.

It will appear to Bakuraja that he was trapped in the ball only several minutes.

How to dispose of this fellow?

There is no way for me to cancel the contract for now but leaving it this way is inconvenient.

There is a limit to the number of monsters I can employ.

Assasin’s Dagger of Slaughter Class: D passive.
(Slashing ability, Mid-high power increase)

Acquisition criteria
Slaughter more than 10 people for pleasure.

Although I had noticed before, when examining the status I realised this man was an atrocious human.

This is because of it being necessary to slaughter more than 10 people for pleasure to acquire the skill <<Assasin’s Dagger of the Slaughter>>.

Assuming I get the means to cancel the contract later, when he’s set free from the ball there might be further victims.

“Since it’s like this, I’d better prepare myself as well. ”

The middle-aged man, who was summoned among the wolves, looks like a samurai prepared to commit seppuku as he closes his eyes slowly.

“Go…. kill! You should murder him! I don’t intend to survive miserably under a boy’s control!”


Are you an orc surrounded by princess knights?  (お前はオークに囲まれた姫騎士かよ。)

If anything, the middle-aged man resembles an orc…

It goes without saying, but the fat old guy yelling [Kill him! Kill him!] isn’t moe(cute) at all.

“Don’t worry. You’re a fish I didn’t intend to catch.”

I, a mere high school student was summoned into a different world.
I will be overcome with emotion if I murder him, a lot of guilt for taking a human life.

“Hmph. In that case….you’re letting me go? Sorry but I won’t take mercy even from a kid like you!”

“No. It’s different. I won’t let you escape but I won’t kill you. There is only way for this to become a WIN-WIN relationship!

Declaring as such, I open a status screen and slowly scroll through the listed skills.

System Message
(Please select a base monster)

Goblin Knight
Bakuraja Ackerman
Carolina Burton
Light Marsh

Without hesitation I read the system message, and then select the name ‘Wolf’.

System Message
(Please choose the monster to be the material)

Next is the choice of the demon to become the material.
Here I selected Bakuraja Ackerman to become the main part of this latest combination.

I’ll check if something could be synthesised using the skill.

There is 1 combination that is possible when using the ossan as a material.
When combining the ossan and the wolf, it seems to be able to evolve into a werewolf.

System Message
(Following monster evolution is possible. Synthesise?)


Encyclopedia NO 422
Race: Demon Beast
Class: D
Level 1
Vitality 80
Muscular Strength Value 115
Magical Power Value 55
Spiritual strength: 40

Poisonous nail

Evolution condition
Demon beast monster x human tribe monster

The beast becomes a mid-level monster.
It has succeeded in gaining intelligence by assimilating the blood of the human family.
Characteristics are quick movement and nail attacks.

Werewolf is probably called wolfman in Japanese.
Moreover, this werewolf’s status seems to be established excessively high.

If this numerical value is right, this will certainly be the strongest monster which I contract.

There is no reason not to combine!


“W-what!? This light is!?”

The moment after I press the “yes” button on the status screen.

The body of the ossan and the wolf are wrapped in pale light.

“You, what have you done to me!? What have you dooooonnnnnne…….!?”

I’d notice a crisis happening to my own body.
Bakuraja changes his expression and shouts but it is already too late!

The body of Ossan will soon be drawn into the body of the wolf.

Just after that.
The wolf’s body is wrapped in light and expands.

The newly born monster, a werewolf, emerges from the midst of the light.

“Gau! Gau!”

The werewolf was a monster with a human body and the head of a wolf, almost 2 meters tall.

The body was huge but the silvery, fluffy hair covering it meant it had a strangle lovely atmosphere.

It had changed completely from the ossan’s hateful face before the transformation.

It has the look that seems to be popular with high school girls walking around Shibuya or Harajuku.

“Alright! A werewolf. Shake!”

“Sit down!”


It did it!
Apparently it seems to have met my order without any problem somehow.

I succeeded in the acquisition of the monster with the best attack potential presently in an unexpected way.

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  2. John Maverick

    If you think about it there is little difference between kill the fat pedophile bastard and fuse it with a monster. Yeah, no gore for sure, but it seems that the mind of the bastard is gone. o.o

    Thanks for the translation.


    1. Dark Jackel

      The difference is entirely the psychology of the MC. Sure, it’s effectively the same as killing him, but this way Souta sleeps better at night.

      (I’d sleep better too, with a werewolf guarding my door 😉 )

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      1. Miri-Bell

        Isn’t the saying “Don’t stare into the abyss for to long, for when you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you”.


      2. Dark Jackel

        Yep. My favorite variation is from Chrono Cross, though, where you are warmed against staring into the (frozen) flame… This is completely off topic now, I’m gonna stop 😛


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  4. iamviruz

    Sooo…Just gather all the info from bounty hunter guild or something and then hunt them and fuse them? xD
    The threat also changed instead of ‘i’ll kill you!’ to ‘i’ll capture you and then fuse you!’ xD

    Thanks for the chapter~~


    1. Juenli

      That remind he should have investigated its home cause they might have starving dying people trapped in there.


      1. jacobpaige

        His business associates will likely handle that. Unless he was actively torturing someone to death while running around town looking for his next victim.


  5. GonZ555

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter 😊

    Yay wolfy got a power up!! Oh, and we finally got rid of that disguisting atrocios beast. But who cares~ we got a wolfy to level up~


  6. mlovolm

    (お前はオークに囲まれた姫騎士かよ。) isn’t it “(Are u a princess knight surrounded by orcs)”
    (お前(You)はオークに(By orcs)囲まれた(surrounded)姫騎士(princess knight)かよ。) :/

    I’d notice a crisis happening to my own body. -> isn’t it “noticing a crisis happening to his own body”? :/

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  7. carlosott

    “Are you an orc surrounded by princess knights?”
    Shoudn’t it be the opposite,as in:
    “Are you a princess knight surrounded by orcs?”
    or was the author trying to make a joke?

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  8. jorgelotr

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Are you an orc surrounded by princess knights? (お前はオークに囲まれた姫騎士かよ。) <- you have it backwards; it's "Are you a Princess Knight (or Himekishi, if you like) surrounded by orcs?" (this is a reference to many a hentai plot: usually the girl has made up her mind to commit suicide, but ends up as a sexual toy)


    1. jorgelotr

      Also, to keep things consistent

      “Go…. kill! You should murder him! I don’t intend to survive miserably under a boy’s control!”

      should be

      “Kuh…. kill me! You may kill me! I don’t intend to survive miserably under a boy’s control!”


      It goes without saying, but the fat old guy yelling [Kill him! Kill him!] isn’t moe(cute) at all.

      shoud be

      It goes without saying, but the fat old guy yelling [Kuh… kill me!] isn’t moe(cute [not exactly; moe means that it touches the viewer/listener’s heartstrings]) at all.


  9. Vault 88

    What I found most interesting about this situation is that the slave trader was classified as a human MONSTER, a label that more than fits him. Something tells me that normal everyday folk are just called human, or demi-human as the case maybe. You need to be extra special bad to be labeled as a monster, or at least that’s how I figure this works.



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