Other World’s Monster Breeder (Pokegod) – Chapter 3

I’m hating the new editor for WordPress…   It no longer has the quick internal link feature which I’ve come to love.  This chapter had a lot of help from Fairy, a translator @ Raising The Dead.  Remember to give RtD some love.

Oh, and we’ve decided that referring to this novel as Pokegod is the only way to go.  Pls enjoy, while I suffer a formal later today.


2 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder (Pokegod) – Chapter 3

  1. kouk2002

    Raising Dead always has my thanks for the many projects they do that I’ve come to love. The fact most them seem to pop up everywhere helping give me more to read no longer comes as a surprise, just leaves me feeling more gratitude for their efforts.

    That said I’m not sure about PokeGod, somehow feels like the name of a H-manga or something, though if the story heads in such a direction I guess it truly does fit

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