Isekai Cheat – Prologue 02

Second chapter of Isekai Cheat.



Prologue 02

That day, I was training with my family like usual and went to school.


Shiritsu tachi gen High School (Lit: Original Sword Private High School)

Is the school I’m attending.

「Yo! Akatsuki」

「Yo! Daichi. You sure are energetic in the morning」

Kato Daichi met me in the school gates, then we continued chatting while heading to the class.

「Yo! Everyone」

Daichi entered the room while saying so. I entered the room after Daichi. The classroom turned silent for a moment. It’s the same as always

The school makes me cheerful.

I was originally cheerful before, but it was improved thanks to Daichi. But, after a certain incident it has been the talk of those guys, nobody except Daichi and my seniors talk to me.

But, there’s another person who does.

「Good morning. Kawato, Yuki.」

That girl is Saegusa Shizuku. She’s involved in the incident.

「Good Morning, Saegusa」

「Good morning」

That is our usual exchange, there were stares of jealousy and murderous intent, and those fearsome stare are being directed at….Me.

But I think it’s reasonable. She’s in the top three of the most beautiful girls of the school. She talks to me like I’m a problem child(I think), as expected the boys are uninterested, and the girls are worried about her. They seemed to be afraid. It troubles me if I’m indifferent at her, she means no harm, so it’s okay.

「You, take your seat. I’m going to check the attendance.」

The teacher looked at us while speaking, Daichi and Saegusa had gone back to their seats.

Why are they so afraid? I wonder.

「Yuki, Akatsuki Yuki」

I replied “Yes” when I was called. Then listening to the teacher speak, my school life had began.


After the school ended, I was preparing my stuff to get home, then, she approached me.

「Yuki, do you have some time? I want to talk…..」

「Akatsuki. Let me borrow your notes.」

What she was trying to say wasn’t heard because Daichi approached speaked up.

「I’m sorry Saegusa, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat it once more?」

「What, you guys talking? Anyway, give me your notes.」

「Calm down. Which subjects do you need?」

「Uhmm. Math and Classical Japanese.……」

「Got it. Here it is. Return it tomorrow」

I told Daichi, he went towards his club after taking the notes.

「Ah, Saegusa, sorry, our conversation was interrupted. So, what do want to talk about?」

「Never mind, tomorrow’s fine. Sorry for calling you suddenly」

「No, I don’t mind」

「See you tomorrow then. Bye-bye Yuki」

「See you」

She went to her club after saying goodbye.


I was heading towards the bus stop to go home.

The usual shop, the usual park. It hasn’t been one year, yet the streets are familiar already.

(That girl. She’s playing by herself.) [TN: No, not in a sexual manner, go to Pun’s site if you think like that]

I pass through while thinking of such things.

(It’s dangerous if a car comes…!?)

Having such idea, a white sedan is about to crash with the kid (TN: I know, it’s not Truck-kun)

I rushed to the kid without thinking

I immediately got hit by the impact.


(That child…..It looks like he’s safe. Thank goodness.)

Having those thoughts, I lost consciousness.

Author’s Notes: (Pun’s tsukkomi)

How is it?

I think it’s a comparatively template event (It’s not truck kun! I believed in you!)

After all, I am not a good writer yet.

Also, I did a small character introduction.

Akatsuki Yuki/ [Castle Bind – Dawn]

Main Protagonist. You’ll more about him later.

Saegusa Shizuku/ [Three Branch – Trickle]

Heroine/not heroine, An ambiguous character.

Kato Daichi/[East River – Supreme Wisdom]

The protagonist’s best friend. They’ve been friends since High school. Wants to be a novelist, and writes during class.

How’s this? Also, Daichi won’t be appear anymore….Maybe. Saegusa….She’ll appear?

This may be a new work, but please love Akatsuki.


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