Isekai Cheat – Prologue 01

Hello, Pun here!

That’s all.

(Machine Translated Web Novel)


Prologue 01

Author’s Notes: (As well as Translator’s notes)

First post.

The sentences may be clumsy, but please watch us warmly

Please tell me if you have improvements.

I woke up in a white world I’ve never seen before.

「Where’s this?」

While thinking where could this be,

「This is the God’s world♪」

After hearing the voice, I turned around and see a 20 y/o woman standing there..

God’s world? What do you mean? God’s world is this?

Huh? Why am I in this place?

「It’s just that I have some task for you to do, so I called you」


「Yes, that’s right. Also, you are already dead」

Huh? Dead? Me? Why?

「Do you not remember??」

No, I do remember. Certainly it was………..


4 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat – Prologue 01

  1. fan63

    God’s world with a woman in charge. It could be interesting.Let’s begin.Thanks for the translation



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