THWAFG – Chapter 7 (v2)

I was busy~~~  #1: Shinka / #2:  Exams (meh)  / #3:  VN script.  (Sshhh don’t tell.)  / #4 Game (Not really, been ignoring this one)  / #5:  Web novels / Light novels / Anime (Yeah, this took all my time.  Please don’t judge.)

So I’m meant to have the rest of the chapters edited by Friday.  Let’s see if I can keep this goal.  <– Minor edits, I think?

GJ with the comments, btw!

2 thoughts on “THWAFG – Chapter 7 (v2)

  1. Munchiesss

    Yah, one more chapter edited chapter down. I feel really bad, as I keep making jokes about your progress in the comments, even though I’m not angry about anything. Please know that you are doing a fantastic job.
    Keep it up.



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