THWAFG – Chapter 6 (v2)

I’ll be seeing how long I can resist reading anything on for now, however.  Might be doing more soon.

Oh!   Only a few more chapters to go (7,8,9,10) before I start writing again!  I’ve had time to think about plot and stuff, and am fairly happy with how the editing is turning out now.

I broke my phone, again 😦  I now must save up in order to fix it.  xD     Please, if you want me to speed up, commenting on these posts is often going to motivate me more (But not if it just says ‘Hurrry up!’  <– That might, actually.)

7 thoughts on “THWAFG – Chapter 6 (v2)

  1. luislock

    I am loving your story so I can’t wait for you to get back to writing more so I can’t wait till you’re done editing past chapters. I was just wondering if you plan to do a time skip or something because with the way it’s going it’s like he’s going to be 8 years old forever with a harem of girls. And I don’t know what you plan to focus on in your novel, but as a fan of harem comedies, unless you plan to have a lot of ….”stuff” happen, him being 8 and having a harem he can’t do anything with or no character development with the girl’s and him will get old. Still, I’d like to see how you plan to make him cope with his disease in this new world and see if he becomes a badass.


  2. Munchiesss

    Is it at this point where I say that I believe you are taking a while to edit your.previous chapters to drag out time for yourself. UNACCEPTABLE AND INCREDULOUS. how could you leave your readers without daily (maybe weekly or monthly) updates?

    Just joking, I know the temptations put out by other novels and writings. Enjoy the slight break, as I know you are editing shinka, or I believe so.

    Thanks for the work; and, HURRY UP!!!


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Hahaha! While it’s true that it’s partially due to my laziness, I also do other stuff 😛

      How would you know I’m editing Shinka?! This is treachery!


      1. Munchiesss

        I know because you don’t edit this site fast enough, causing me to have to visit different sites. One particular site had a post by you as an editor to shinka. I love reading and believe that procrastination isn’t a habit, but my way of life, so I can’t even begin to actually be angry at you. Well, maybe get a new thwafg or help get a shinka out faster. If not….. T.T


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