Modern Day Swords – Chapter 1

Okay, yeah, yeah. I should be working on The Harem Was A Forced Goal and stuff. I am. This series isn’t reincarnation and I haven’t particularly decided on the genres and stuff. The first chapter is extremely short because, y’know? Short and sweet.  To make it up to you, I’ll have an edited chapter of thwafg tomorrow  (Today <– Autoposting, woops. 😛 )?  Need three comments from different people to make that permanent 😛   Doesn’t matter what page you comment on.    Alrighty, I haven’t written a synopsis?  For this story yet, but it’ll be coming in the next few days.  I just need to tie up so loose ends.  (I dunno, I just wanted to use that expression.)   If anybody is really committed random things appear in the menu all the time~   Because I’m too lazy to work out scheduling pages or something.

Questions about ‘Modern Day Swords’ that I’ll answer right now.


Is the MC OP?

Not yet, but will be nearing the beginning.  Completely contrasting Fei, kay?

Is it a harem?

I’ll come back to you in five chapters.

Why’d you start writing this?



F*ck you, you suck.  

I know, and I apologise.  Please forgive me.

Chapter 1

7 thoughts on “Modern Day Swords – Chapter 1

  1. fayte413

    Hmm, i think this is one of those ‘MC starts super weak, something influences supreme growth into OP MC’ stories. I might read it if it gets past chapter 10.


  2. Anon

    Too little content to judge yet. But this one seems to be inspired by Chinese novels about quickly ascending the overpowered realms of overpoweredness and destroying the overdeities with the single poke, which… isn’t particularly my cup of tea. On the other hand, possibility of a harem… Will wait and see where this one will go, eagerly awaiting the new chapters of THWAFG in the meantime.



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