THWAFG – Chapter 8 (v2)

I kept my promise!!!!!! Praise me!!!! 😛

Well, I now have a phone, so that’s good~  I have an exam tomorrow (Sori~)  I might edit Chapter 9 tomorrow, but the chances of it being done are fairly low (Remember, Chapter 9 is why I started this endeavor~   Afterwards, one more chapter and then new chapters will be released!  Hell yeah!  <– That’s the link.

Oh, huh?  You wanted to see what was on this page.   If you’re actually reading this page, please comment that you have.  And give thoughts.  Because you know what’s following?  A schedule, which I’ll follow for a month (hopefully).  After that, I’ll try and implement the new schedule….

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Any changes you want made and stuff, suggest them.  I was considering sponsored chapters, but until I’ve gone a month following a schedule properly, I won’t implement that sort of thing~   Thankuu!

(The only reason this was on time was I set myself the goal of having it posted or else I couldn’t watch a new episode of a tv show…  Go figure.)

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