THWAFG – Chapter 5.5 (v2)

This is a scheduled post, tehe~

Ummm….  So yeah, I’m currently failing exams so these posts will be sporadic.  Or you know, scheduled, like this one.  I’ll be spending….  a month on these exams…  So studying is still happening!  Still happening!  It’s not like I got addicted to ‘Chinese Paladin 3″ or anything.  Not at all!  Leave me alone!  Escapism is a form of art.  Yep, why won’t anyone believe me?  It totally is.

Please forgive me.  (Oh btw, this post is only informing that there was an update.  I already updated it 4 hours ago, when this post is posted.)

The Frog Hopped into this chapter (CHAPTER 5.5)

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