The Diary – Short Story

This is a short story which was written under the theme of unexpected discovery.   I hope you find it interesting.


Entry #1: Dr. Simmons

Dr. Simmons told me I should begin to write a journal.  Something about it would be good for my mental health and that it might improve how I’ve been feeling recently.  I think he’s just telling me that so he can read through it later – but I’ve got a plan.  I’ll write this one, because it sounded like a good idea, but I’ll write a second one that I give to him – he’ll never suspect a thing.  I’ve come up with a brilliant plan, I think.  Anyway, today, my friend Danny came to me and asked if I’d like to go adventuring the cave up the hill tomorrow.  I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea, as we had been continually warned me of that place.  It was the one area in our neighbourhood that was off limits.  He told me that I was a worry-wart and just wanted to explore the place.  I told him that I’d tag along – I was a little bit worried about him, okay?  It’s important to place value on your close friends and stick by them, right?  At least I kept some of the lessons I was taught in my head.




Entry #2: The Cave

 Today me and Danny explored the cave a little bit.  It was huge!  There were scary things like spiders and bats around, but Danny scared them all off.  I’m so glad, because I think if he hadn’t, I would’ve ended up crying and I wouldn’t want to cry in front of him.  That’d make me look bad to him.   Anyway, we looked around for a bit.   I’m not sure exactly what we were looking for, but it was really fun!  I’m glad Danny convinced me to go with him.  If it’s Danny though, he doesn’t really need to try hard to convince me.   After all, he’s the one when I grow up I want to marry.   He’s so cool, and I never want to be separated from him.   Mom told me that when you find someone you never want to be separated from, you should marry them.  Then you’ll be together for a long time. So, anyway, we found many nooks and crannies in the cave, and even a secret room!   There was a rock in front of the entrance, and when I pointed it out to Danny he looked so excited.   He tried moving it on his own, but it was so heavy that I had to help him.   The secret room was so cool!  There were crystals hanging off the top of the place and everything.  I’m sure we’re going to go back tomorrow.  It’s more time I’ll get to spend with him – isn’t that great?!?




Entry #3:  The mistake

I’m really sad at the moment.  Danny found my journal.  It must have fallen out of my pocket at some point.  Where do I begin? Okay…  So today, me and Danny went back to the cavern.  We had the time as mom had let me off doing the chores today.  We went and got some water bottles and headed into the cave once more.  Adventuring is fun! The secret room is huge, it surprised us both.  We spent around thirty minutes just exploring the place, the crystals on the roof sparkly.  I think there may have been sunlight or something coming through, as we still could see, sort of.  We went deep into the cave, and found a large amount of water nearing the end!  It was kind of scary, as neither of us could swim and Danny kept on pretending that he was about to fall in.  He was acting really mean…  But that’s not important.  What happened, though, to make me sad, was when we were heading back home, Danny said he saw something up ahead and went to grab it.   When I realised it was my journal I tried to get it back, but I couldn’t do anything.  So he read it and then looked at me, with a weird look upon his face, like he felt I was strange and ran away, leaving the journal.  I don’t know how to deal with this.




Entry #4: Sadness

I’m really sad right now.  Usually, when I had nothing else to do, I’d be able to play with Danny.  I can’t do that anymore.  It’s not like I could just head right to his place after what happened.  I’ll never be able to see his face again.  This sucks.  I should never have taken – no, I should never have written the journal in the first place.  This is all Dr. Simmons fault.  Now, because of him, I can’t play with Danny, which is really all I wanted to do.  I’m going to go to sleep now.  Maybe that’ll make me feel better.


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