Poem – Lost

This is a free verse poem written while I travel.   I hope you like it.

A sudden confession of memories lost,
The times when we were together,
These are things which aren’t in my mind,
Maybe they’re gone forever

A deep conversation
With those who don’t know
About emptiness of mind
And emptiness of soul

A butterfly sits on my shoulder,
And sings a silent song,
Like the song which they sung,
When chasing me from my home

I sit on a park bench,
Contemplating it all,
The violent turmoil of life

It’s not nature I’m scared of,
But human creation.
I mean,

Look at our land,
Covered in concrete.
Covered in brick.

Covered in tin
Covered in steel.
Covered in man. 

So where have you gone, my friend?
Where is the green world?
Am I meant to stay here,
When I can’t breathe at all?

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