A mission of Minimization: Week 1; Day 1

Today, I start myself on a new era.   Gone are the days of excessive spending and self indulgence.  It is time to become a money saving scrooge.

So, the mission?  Minimize all expenditure and Maximize earnings.   I have splurged too long because I could.  I’m reducing the shit tonne of alcohol I consume (See that guys, improving!)  I’m budgeting and I am looking into all the things I have postponed.  I have been browsing investing, financial independence and AusFinance on reddit for too long, and it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is – Planning for the future, not indulging in the present.

Today, I have looked through what I have been spending monthly on things I barely use.

  • Splice Subscription ($7.99 a month)  — Removed
  • Crunchyroll Premium Subscription ($6.95 a month)   — Removed
  • Netflix ($17.99 a month) — I can’t remove this, as all my family uses it.  I will discuss with them before removing this one.
  • Amazon Prime Video ($6.95) — Not removed yet.
  • Stipe ($32 a month, split in half with my mate) —  Kept?  We do enjoy keeping the server up and we are unable to host it ourself with our internet *shrugs*   I will discuss it with him.

Okay, so let’s look at this with some maths…

$7.99 + $6.95 + $17.99 + $6.95 + $16 = $55.88 .

$55.88 * 12 = $670

For these five entertainment subscriptions (Music samples, streaming sites + A MC server), I will be spending $670 a year…  I dread to look at what I have spent on fast food, Cinema experiences and games in general if this is how I have been spending unconsciously.   Now, I don’t think it is necessary to cut everything out, but it is important to cut out a lot.    Now, reasonings for the ones which haven’t been discussed.

Splice – There is no need for me to have Music Samples.  If I want to make music, I’ll have to do it with what I have myself, not what others can give me.   I let the credits build up to almost 2,000 last time.  Let’s not do that again and just get rid of it.

Crunchyroll – The benefits I get from the premium subscription do not outweight the costs.   I just gotta learn to be patient and there won’t be a problem here.

Prime Video –  I was debating, but it’s gotta go.

Which will leave me with my two most expensive subscriptions…  Hopefully I can get rid of them too, as if I don’t, they will still be costing me $408 a year.   Hey, at least I’m saving $260 from getting rid of the other subscriptions, but still…

Well, this is the beginning of my journey into Min|Maxing my finances 😛  I hope you’ll join me on the way!


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