The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 19 (ue)

Chapter 19 (Unedited)

With the view of the island academy, it’s obvious that its name wasn’t that creative. It’s quite simply an academy built upon an island. Whoever named it obviously didn’t have a great sense of creativity. Then again, the schools in another world were simply named after the suburbs they were located in. I guess it’s not unusual for naming of schools to be uncreative.

Ignoring the name however, the place has a much better sense to it. The first thing one notices when arriving would have to be the semi-translucent bubble surrounding the place. It’s sure to be a type of force field, perhaps in order to protect it from stray creatures and even weather? That’s the most likely application of the force field in my opinion.

Observing past the force field, what grabs the most attention is the sheer height of the buildings. Although the castle at home was large, it was nowhere near as tall as these things. They could be compared to the skyscrapers from another world. Well, they’re not made of glass, so it’s not ‘shocking to the point of death’ but it is quite amazing that they’ve managed to engineer such structures. It’s probably some other magic they’ve used?

“Nii-san! Nii-san! Look at it! It’s huge!!”

“Yeah, it’s amazing, right…?”

Lumi’s excitedly looking at the academy, appropriately to her age and personality. If she weren’t to act like this, I’d be concerned. It’s an impressive sight, truly. Especially for someone who hasn’t seen it before, they would be either incredibly fearful (of the ones who built such a structure) or like Lumi, excited. Of course, these aren’t the only reactions.


Zynthia, the fairy, seems to have taken to my shoulder for good. I thought she’d separate from me once some time had passed, but it doesn’t seem like she’s going to leave. She’s asleep right now, and it’s making her a lot cuter then when she’s awake… I wonder if she’d even care about something like this. She probably wouldn’t so I think I’ll just let her sleep.

Hmm… Yuuki, on the other hand, might be more appreciative… I wonder where she is right now.

Taking a quick look around, she appears to be staring at my bed intently. What’s so interesting about my bed? Perhaps she’s tired or just wishes for better sleeping conditions… It’s not as though I can improve them while we’re on this trip. I feel as though I’d be obstructed by both the guards and onee-sama. I don’t think Zynthia would care and Lumi certainly wouldn’t. But onee-sama on her own is scary enough, so I have to live with it.
With such thoughts, I walk over to Yuuki.

“Oy, Yuuki.”



She seems to be deep in thought. As I don’t think she’d ever rebel, that’s the conclusion I’ve come up with. Just what could she be thinking about that leaves her in such a trance? Anyway, how should I get her out of it – I really think that seeing the academy from outside would be something she enjoys. Maybe.

Making up my mind, I decide to blow a small breath into her ear. When I do so, she giggles quietly then becomes alert once more, no longer looking at the bed.

“..Sorry, master.”

‘It’s fine; just look over there.”

Not even thinking of punishing her this time, I direct her attention over to the academy which is becoming larger as we approach. It’s beginning to look even more impressive because of it, but we still have a while to go before we get there. Thinking about it, if it’s that large and we’re not near it, doesn’t that make it even more impressive than I first thought? On top of that, is it possible that this world is also larger in height? This world truly is vast if it’s large even in height.

“..Amaz, ing.”

Yuuki seeing the academy truly reacted in a splendid manner. She seems completely awestruck. I was expecting a strong reaction but this, this is more than simply a ‘strong reaction’. If she was in a trance before, then I don’t even know what to call this.

“It is, huh?”

I have nothing to say other than that. In my opinion, it is an incredible feat to have built the structures on this academy. Especially as they aren’t leaning in the slightest. You’d think that they’d lean even a small amount due to the sheer enormity of the things. I’d like to say it’s a miracle of engineering, but it seems considerably more likely for it to be an application of magic.

Magic sure is convenient, huh? Too bad some goddess decided that it’d be a good idea to make it so I couldn’t use it! Instead, she stuck me inside a practically useless body. Why? Just what sort of thing could she have had in mind for me?

After I was thinking about such things,


A loud, ringing voice can be heard coming from the direction of the academy. When I look towards it, I see a platform outside of the academies force field… I guess it’s a defense in order to keep the force field from having to do the brunt of the work or something. Besides that, who exactly are they preparing to fire at?

I look around, in order to see if there’s some other people arriving alongside us and I’m not able to see anyone. There not invisible, right? That’d be stupid. If they were, why are the archers preparing. Then what exactly is going on? It can’t be… It can’t be that they are preparing to fire at us, right?! RIGHT?!

“Why are they preparing to fire at us?”

Onee-sama’s question has made it obvious that they are really are firing at us. What the hell?! What would make them decide to shoot us? Weren’t they told that we were coming?

Ugh, whatever. I’ll think about something soothing… Lollipops, ice blocks, teddy-bears… Pillows?

Yeah, this isn’t working. I thought if I distracted myself from the thought that they decided to attack us for no good reason that I’d be able to convince myself that everything was alright. But it didn’t work – I CAN STILL TELL THAT WE’RE SCREWED!


The delay was extreme on that. Did he need to take a break to smoke or something? I don’t think there are even cigarettes in this world!? Are there? Maybe there are pipes… WAIT! That’s not what I’m meant to be thinking about, is it?! Aren’t I kind of screwed? I can’t defend myself.

“… Barrier.”

Oh, right… Yuuki is here to protect me. I was completely freaking out… That was completely idiotic of me. I should have thought of ways out of the situation, rather than worrying over my lack of power. I should really learn from these situations. Next time, I’ll try and think of methods of defending myself, rather than freaking out.

“… Master… Okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. How long can you keep this barrier up for?”

“…Long time.”

Oh? Is that really true? How much magic power does Yuuki have in order to keep up a barrier for a long period of time? That’s pretty impressive, I think.

“T-they were t-told we, we w-were coming… R-right?”

“Yes. They were.”

“Does it matter? We’ve got to stop them without hurting any of them. Let’s go.”

I listened to the exchange between the guards and the maid as there isn’t really anything I can help with. All I can do is listen to and watch what’s going on and hopefully learn from the events.


The maid is the first one to jump up… She began to easily kick the arrows shot at her away as she got closer and closer to the platform which the archers were shooting off. I’m curious as to what’s holding the platform up – no, that’s not right. I hope the maid will be okay.

“Our turn.”


Sarah and Tomoe both jump at the same time, in a diving motion. They end up rolling to land on the platform, before simply tapping each archer on the forehead. As soon as they do that, the archers are incapacitated. What the hell did they just do? I knew that they were strong, but that’s just outrageous.

Soon, although the archers tried to fight back, the only one left is the commander of the force, who’s currently trembling a little. It seems he was captured by the maid at some point. Hmm…

“I won’t be able to hear them from here…”

“Oh! I can help you with that! I’ll repeat everything!”

HUH? Who was that?! I look around frantically, then realize that it was Zynthia. She woke up, finally.


“Yeah! I’ll even mimic their voices! I can do that!”

“Then, please do.”

I guess if she’s offering I might as well take the help, right?

“W-why did, did you f-fire on u-us?”

That stutter… It seems weird that the one who won the fight is stuttering.

“I was ordered to!”

“B-by who?”


“A-answer me, me please.”

“… I don’t know.”

The commander bows his head in shame when he admits such a thing.

“Y-you don’t know?”

He nods.

“That’s right… I heard a female voice in my head… She said ‘Attack them. I’ll grant you a reward. Hehe~’ and I felt compelled to do it… I couldn’t fight against it.”

“Yeah, whatever. I don’t care. Can we go in?”

Sophie walked up to them and said such a thing. It truly is like her.

“Of, of course.”

Hearing the commander’s reply, Sophie jumped back onto the dragon without a word. The maid and Tomoe soon followed. This event was settled really quickly. I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy… But, the words the commander said.

“A female voice… Compelled… Reward…”
I mutter a few of the words before flipping out.


She totally just screwed with me. This is infuriating. And I have no way to vent my anger. Screw it, I’m just going to go to sleep. I’m probably going to faint soon anyway.

I make my way over to my bed and slowly fall into a deep slumber. I think I can feel onee-sama judging me on the side, but I don’t care. I also I swear I felt the sheets ruffling at some point, but I was probably imagining things. Right?

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    1. Dark Jackel

      (A suggestion for when you edit: “Whoever named it obviously didn’t have a great sense of creativity.” Rather than using ‘creative’ for a second time here, switching to something less repetitive, like “didn’t have much naming sense” or the like would probably sound less forced.)


  2. Beefy

    The goddess is acting much more directly and immediately than I’d have thought. Thanks for the chapter.


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    …they sure are nice to let go of soldiers that have tried to kill ’em. Especially after such a shabby excuse XD well, violence wouldn’t solve anything..but still. What an evil goddess.. is that love? Really? XD


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    Thanks for the chapter. That Goddess doesn’t know about Karma does she. Stock to much negative on someone and it’ll bound to rebound the same to her.


    1. BestGirlNeverWins

      “the last part” is really vague, so just to summarize the ending part of it, those archers were firing at them because they were told to by a female voice they heard in their heads, that promised them a reward. Fei, the MC, put 2 and 2 together and figured that it was the Goddess (remember the one at the start, who has been sending him into these worlds?) that made them attack. And with her characterization, her reasoning for it was pretty much just “for shits and giggles”.



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