The Harem was a Forced Goal – Chapter 18 (ue)

Chapter 18 (Unedited)
— God’s Realm —

The goddess gigled when she saw the predicament Fei had found himself in. It was worth doing this to him, after sending him through so many lives. It was even worth removing the ‘Never Mature’ limit she had placed on him before this reincarnation. She always wanted him to remain that immature boy she had taken an interest in, but she found that eventually, him never learning and ending up in the same predicaments got stale. So, she removed the limits she had placed on him in the reincarnation of this time, replacing it with the disease and single skill.

“I’d mess around with him more but I’m being watched…”

The goddess muttered so while observing the many worlds under her jurisdiction.

“I was given orders to keep you under control! Don’t whinge like a child.”

“You went and told them first! It’s your fault in the first place!”

The angel, who looked like she was a young child, was actually quite old, and had dealt with the antics of the goddess for a long time. She decided that it was finally time to report that the goddess was acting outside the appropriate measures for her worlds. When the commune heard it, they weren’t too concerned, only instating her as a monitor for the goddess.

‘Just what is wrong with the commune of gods these days? They used to be a lot more serious…”

Such a thought ran through the angels head as she watched the goddess mess around with a world, causing a thunderstorm. It was in a world where there hadn’t been rain in a month though, so the angel didn’t feel that it was anything she could tell the goddess off for.

“God damned Goddess, why the heck did she put me in this world?!?!?!”

Hearing the exclamations, even if they couldn’t hear it was Fei’s voice, it was obvious as he was the only one who would speak out against her in such a manner. It seemed that he was complaining once again about the goddess, whom he once proposed to. Well, technically the two were engaged but neither Fei or the angels would accept such a thing. If those two were to be together, all the worlds that the goddess managed would end up ruined. That was the general feeling of all the angels and even some of the gods who still held some responsibility in their minds.

“For fun, obviously! Why else? Oy, mature lady in a loli skin, surely he should know it’s for my amusement, right?”

“You know, us angels do have names, right?”

“That’s not answering my question.”

‘I hate this…’

The angel thought as such before deciding to answer the goddess seriously.

“I can promise you, Fei definitely knows it’s for your amusement. Rather, if he didn’t, I think he’d be one of the densest people in this universe. A universe filled with males that can’t even tell an entire school is in love with them! He probably makes such exclamations in order to deal with his frustration – And he doesn’t even have to deal with your s**t all the time.”

The goddess mocked surprise hearing the angel lash out at her.

“Fei? Dealing with my shit?! He’s my fiance isn’t he? Why would you claim he has to do something like ‘deal’ with me? Surely, our love will cancel out all the negatives.”

Raising her palm to her forehead, the angel let out an elongated breath of air and began an intense inner monologue.

‘I don’t know why I even bothered. Nothing the goddess does or says makes any sense anymore. If I didn’t know her well, I’d think she had gotten a deity’s illness… Unfortunately, this is truly her personality… I looked into something a little while ago, and it turns out she’d placed a ‘Never Mature’ limitation on Fei up until this reincarnation… I always thought he didn’t learn from his mistakes well enough… Maybe now that it’s been removed, her personality will become a little better.’
Seeing the angel distracted with her thoughts, the goddess found it to be a good opportunity to mess with Fei. As long as she did it without causing too much fuss, the angel would probably either not notice, or at least, wouldn’t find it something to irritate her (the goddess) about.

‘So, what will mess with him the most right now? Ah, that’s it!’

When she decided what would be the best thing to mess with Fei right now, she quickly took action.

— Fei POV —


“You know, I won’t call you a piece of trash anymore, but I have a new name that’s suitable for you. You know what it is? It’s called ‘IDIOT’. You know why that suits you? Because you trusted someone instantly. What the hell, idiot!? You never thought ‘Oh, this might be a trap’ or ‘Oh, she might be trying to trick me’? You just thought ‘Oh, she’s probably trustworthy’ and let her perform some unknown magic, even though YOU KNEW SHE PRACTICED INHUMANE MAGIC?!”

You know, I think I really was too quick to trust the fairy, Zynthia… Everything onee-sama is saying right now can’t be refuted. In fact, even I want to scold myself. I don’t need to though, as onee-sama has done it for me. Isn’t that convenient? Man, this is horrible…

“HEY NOW, Why aren’t I trustworthy?!?!”

“You… Do you really want me to answer that?”

In response to the fairy, I can’t help but say something like that… She really isn’t that trustworthy, and now Yuuki and I are tied to her with magic… Well, I better hope that she’s not a schemer or something.

“Y-you did so me, something pr-pretty stupid this time, d-d-didn’t you? ‘


I bow my head in shame. There really is no other thing to do. I’m in the wrong this time. I should have waited until we were back, perhaps captured the fairy in a jar or something? Yuuki probably could have managed it. Instead, I just went with the flow. Thinking about it, it’s no wonder I’ve died so many times. It’s probably because of other things like this going wrong.

Huh? I really don’t learn from my mistakes at all, do I? That’s not a good thing – in fact, it’s probably one of the worst things I could do. I’ve got to be better at it from now on. The first thing to do: Start trusting a little less. I’m lucky this time, but I might not be again.

“Sorry. There’s nothing that can be changed now though…”

“Nothing at all?”

“Not that I can think of.”

“IDIOT” “COMPLETE IMBECILE” “L-little bit, bit dumb.” “Whatever.”

Almost everyone joined in berating me. Even the indifference coming off of Sarah feels more like a ‘You should know better’ than the normal feeling of ‘This is how I am’.

The only ones who havent’ got something against me for this, uhhh, minor blunder, are Lumi and Yuuki.


Yuuki, is unsurprisingly very quiet as usual. As a slave, that makes a lot of sense. If she spoke out, I think they would punish her without even consulting me… Especially at this point, where it seems I’ve lost any respect I might have earned in the past days. Man, I’m a complete imbecile. Couldn’t just wait a few weeks in order to see if the fairy was trustworthy, just had to go with the flow. And why? I’m not even sure why I chose to just go with the flow. It’s utterly stupid!

“If… If it really helps onii-san, can I help him as well?”

This girl… Was Lumi listening to the conversation at all? It’s as though she zones out unless it’s to do with me. THAT’S NOT GOOD, GUYS! Seriously, educate her better! I’m an eight year old child. Well, I should be – It’s not like I can control her! And it feels as though her attitude to me was caused before I even awakened!

“Y-you, are, are way to q-quick to s-say something like, like t-that, yo-you know?”

Well, I didn’t have to speak up. It was done for me.

“I am?”

Lumi tilts her head innocently when she asks that, before continuing.

“But if it helps nii-san, why would it matter?”

There is no way to justify this brother complex, okay?! How could it be this bad? It couldn’t be my fault, could it?! What have I done which encourages it to this extreme? Am I a bad brother?! AM I??? No, don’t answer that. There are surely things I have done that demonstrate that I am a bad brother. I am trying though, alright!?

“A sibling! Yes, that would be interesting… I’ve never considered that possibility before. Could it change the way the spell works? Quite possibly… Would It improve it or make it worse? I WANT TO FIND OUT! LET ME LET ME LEMFFFGGFFGFFF—–!!!!”

After the fairy went on a tirade of random comments, I decided that covering up her mouth was the most appropriate thing to do, especially when she began to repeat the same thing over and over again. She’s not making it any easier for me to deal with the trouble I’m in right now, is she?

“See what I mean? It’s obvious that this ‘fairy’ doesn’t have any self control! Maybe she tricked you!”

“No, I get it… I really don’t know what I was thinking… Sorry.”

Hearing my serious apology, onee-sama’s glare has stopped being incredibly bad.

“Actually, you are still a child. It’s strange of us to think you wouldn’t make mistakes… But be careful next time!”

With Tomoes statement, silence ensues for a long period of time. Everyone has similar expressions of deep thought on their faces. The longer it lasts, the more uncomfortable I feel.

60 seconds…

1 minute…

5 minutes…

10 minutes…

Would somebody please break this silence? This has gone on for too long.

“It’s expected that royalty be smart and calculating. I guess father’s wasting of money on tutors for Fei when he was tr- ahem – in a worse state was not a waste after all.”

He did? He’s a very loving father… Damn, that’s surprising. Uhh, if that’s true, perhaps some people could blame me if the kingdom ends up falling? Nah, I think my father would be. It’s all good.

“Yeah! Nii-san is smart!”

Lumi exclaims as such and runs towards me, proceeding to tightly hug me. It’s all good that she wants to show her affection, but I wish she would tone it down a little… Even so, I pat her head and speak.

“Hmm? Nowhere near as smart as Lumi though.”
It seems that this display has onee-sama disgusted, as she turns her face away from us. No, I really can’t blame her, can I? I was complaining about her having a brother complex and that it wasn’t my fault… It’s completely my fault. I don’t care.

“Close relationship?! THIS’LL BE GREAT! C’MON LEMME!! I swear! It really does what I say it does!”

“… Do you want to be murdered?”

“Huh!? What do you mean?”

“Take a look at onee-sama there, and see if you really want to continue on.”

I mutter some words to the fairy who was ruining her chances of ever being trusted after I saw onee-sama. It feels as though there was a large amount of black aura coming out from her.. I don’t think even I’ve made her this angry before. (No, I probably have… I’ve just ignored the aura.)

“Oh… That’s scary! I think I’ll just hide in here!!”

Seeing what I just pointed out, Zynthia completely freaked out. She quickly dove into my shirt, and stuck her head out near my neck just so that she’d be able to see. It was really quick and when she brushed against my body it tickled. Perhaps it was due to her wings? Whatever.

That wasn’t even the weirdest sensation. No, that award would have to go to the feeling I have right now. The fairy’s holding her hands to the back of my shoulder… I’m not sure what the expected feeling of a fairies hands are, but I know now. Her skin is so smooth… If she were human sized, it would probably be very hard to compare to her in both her beauty and her exquisite touch.

“Okay, it’s over. There’s nothing more to be done. We’re finished here and we’ll be at the academy tomorrow, alright? Get some rest and try not to cause anymore trouble.”

The words from Sophie reminded me that the time where I would learn about this world would soon be here. I wonder just what it’ll be like. Patting Lumi’s head a final time, we separate and stay at an inn that was prepared for us while I was associating with the fairy.


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