The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Prologue

The feeling in my chest..  It’s completely unbelievable.   The intense stinging is causing me to wish I was dead, and I can even see a large amount of blood gushing through the wounds.  Why did you need to kill me?  You promised me – It was a lie, wasn’t it?  You said…  We’d be together…  Forever…


Those are the pitiful thoughts which run through my mind at the time of my death.  At the age of sixteen, many would think that at that age, it’s stupid to think of something like being ‘together forever’.   Although they are most likely right, I have been through various past lives before.   Even so, this has got to be the worst death I’ve experienced.  Being betrayed by the one who was closest to you…  Would anyone be able to withstand that?

Oh, it looks like it’s time for her to show up again.   I know because my surroundings have turned black.   Adding onto that, my surroundings have turned black and my blood has disappeared – along with my clothes!”

“Fei!  You died again…  You are a character who has the worst luck I have ever seen for this to happen. ”


Please, shut up!  I know of my bad luck, but there is no need to comment on it, is there?

“Talking back in your thoughts is forbidden.”

“Such a pleasant reunion, Goddess.”

That’s right.  Even though she is a being known as a ‘deity’, I can still direct sarcasm at her.  This is a sign that we are on friendly terms with each other – sorta.  After all, the first time I met her, I thought I was dreaming and so I…

“Proposed to me.  Yes, that was a pleasurable moment.  The look on your face when I accepted! ”

My face is burning up because of her.  Stop it, I beg you.   Do you know how awkward I feel for proposing to a Goddess?  Actually, consider your followers more, how would they feel if they knew you agreed?  Well, even if it was a joke.

“How can you be so sure it was a joke?”

“Look, can we just get on with this procedure?  Am I to be sent to Heaven or Hell – Well, I’m not able to deny those places being a tonne of fun…  Or is that I’m to be reincarnated again?”

“Ooo.  Getting bossy with a Goddess?  Do you enjoy the sort of play where you are the one in command?”

The goddess says so in an almost seductive tone, so I grant her the silent treatment.   I’m hoping she’ll get the idea.

“Okay, okay, you’ll be reincarnated again.  With a single unique ability – which I won’t tell you what it is!  Does this excite you?”

“Not at all.”

“Too bad!  Off you go!”

The shitty goddess sent me off without even providing the slightest hint as to what will happen.  Alright, I see how it is.  If that’s how you want to play it, I’ll tell everyone I’m engaged to a-

Oh, I’m in the waiting space?  It seems my inner monologue went on for quite a long time.  It’s not important anymore.   I wonder how long I’ll spend in here until my mind is placed into the new body?  Please let it be a while…  There are certain things that you wish to skip as an infant.  Those types of things could scar you for life!

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6 thoughts on “The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Prologue

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  2. TobascoDragon

    I am greatly entertained by the story. I especialy like the pace of development that has been set so far.

    (bows head in thanks)


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  4. Krozam

    This… I’m pretty tired of these reincarnation stories, but this one actually sounds interesting. And I must admit I laughed aloud at this prologue. Yeah, this could be good…



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