The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 1

The darkness in which I am waiting is the current location of my ‘Soul’ – that is, my essence that will transfer the past experiences I’ve had into the new body which was prepared for me.   While time stands still in this place, it’s certain that time elapses in other worlds.  An explanation for how this process works is that my ‘Soul’ spends no time at all in this space, preventing the degradation of a ‘Soul’ without a body.   The transfer however, will send me into the new body at an age which the goddess chooses.  Sometimes it’s at the level of a practical joke – one time, she reincarnated me from the time of birth.   It makes me shiver whenever I remember it.

The signal of transfer is a white flashing a few seconds before it occurs – and it’s happening right now.  I’m not really aware of how much time has elapsed in the worlds since i was placed here, but I have a feeling that a large quantity of time has been skipped for this reincarnation.  I’m not exactly sure why – perhaps intuition from past experience?


The transfer has finally occurred.  As usual, it happens instantaneously.  Quickly checking my body, I’m guessing I’m around eight years old.  I don’t think that’s too bad –  I can deal with having to age from this body even if I would have preferred to be slightly older.

“Fei, as I’m bored.  I’m going to say a few things to you before you start this new life!  First of all, I forbid you from speaking of your reincarnated status at all.  It’s no fun for me when you reveal that!  Secondly, as your new body has barely any memories, the slight few things you need to know, I’ll tell you when the time comes!   Thirdly, enjoy this life – it may be your last!”  

Is it really fine for you to be like this, goddess?  I’m fairly sure as a deity there are other things that need to be taken care of then entertaining yourself through me.  I’m not a television channel!  Judging from her attitude though, this life is going to be fairly different from the others.  I kinda feel slightly excited…

Thinking of those things isn’t going to help me, I suppose.  Instead of that, I should get myself acquainted with the situation I’m in this time.  With a more detailed look at myself, don’t I appear to be exceptionally pale?  It’s not to the level of just having light skin – isn’t it like I am extremely sick?  No matter how I look at this, I’ve been put in a situation I’ve not handled before.    It’s not a good thought.

Rather than observing myself then, I’ll take to observing the rest of the room.  It may be of more help.  The position I found myself in right now is lying down and I can see light coming in through a window.  There’s a slight breeze coming through the window and the air is quite cold.  This suggests that it might be around the winter season.

The bed I’m lying on is a medieval kind but it’s of high quality.  It would appear that I’m a noble in a world which is of an older time-period.  It’s possible to be a world I’ve been to before but it’s highly doubtful.  The goddess likes to play around too much for that to be the case.

Ignoring that, the room appears to consist of only a a few things:  The bed I am lying on, a wooden bench covered in green plants and some strange tools.  By any chance, would those things be tools used in order to deal with whatever medical condition I have?  They kind of look like it, but I wish they weren’t as they look scary.   Something strange must have happened to me to get this sickness…  Or was I born with it?

As  I attempt to lift myself up slowly, I discover that while I can move, it takes me a considerable amount of effort to do so.  It’s causing immense physical exhaustion.  This is the first time I’ve ever had such a difficult time in moving my body.  There is a time I remember being so strong that it took a Qi master in order to cause me considerable damage.  Although that was a fun time, I died due to a simple stomach bug and the goddess had a good time laughing at the disgraceful way I met my demise.

Although I say this, it’s not good to dwell in the past.  Especially if it’s memories of a different life.  It could end with me being in a disadvantage due to becoming stressed over things that aren’t particularly relevant to me anymore.  So what should I do now?  Trying to lift myself any further of the bed is a super bad idea as I’m extremely exhausted from doing this small amount.  Yet, I don’t want to simply lay here and do nothing either – it would be way too boring and that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Maybe I should call out for somebody and bring them here?   Though, it may seem weird if I’ve never done that before…  I don’t want to frighten anyone.   Maybe they’d be happy that I was changing?  Although I don’t know if it would be a good change or a bad change for them.  It’s possible they are content with the lifestyle they have now.  I’m stressing out a little as I’ve never had to go off such a small amount of life experience in a body before – they usually have many memories for me to assimilate.

Fine, I’ll call out.  Here goes nothing.  As I clear my throat…

“Onii-chan?  You’re awake?”

The door on the left side of the room had been opened.  What stood there was a blonde seven or eight year old girl who was calling me ‘onii-chan’.  If I judge from that, I must be this girls older brother.  The ‘chan’ has me stumped as it would be like we were close – it may be that she spends a lot of time with me as I’m sick, causing the illusion of closeness?  Either way, I enjoy being called like that.  I really want to hug her, but it’s not possible in this case.

“Please, come and sit here.”

I ask her to come and sit with me while patting on the side of the bed.  I want to spend time with her as she was a part of my new family.   Other than, talking to her will also alleviate the feeling of boredom I have so I’m a little excited to talk to her.   I don’t believe a person exists who would judge me for thinking like this.

She obediently comes over and with a little ‘pomf’ sound, she is sitting on the bed.  She seems like she’s struggling to sit in an elegant posture which doesn’t match her age, though.

“You can relax a little, you know?  I’m not going to tell you off.”

“But Onii-san…  Thank you.”

Although she attempted to refuse, she most likely thought that arguing with me was a bad thing.  She’s made the right decision if so, as talking is more tiring to me than I first assumed it would be.  She let loose a little tension and her face was less strained – much cuter than when she first sat down.  It was much more pleasant to see her like this.   Observing her face, I attempt to start a conversation with her.

“So…  What have you been doing?  Something fun, I’d hope!”


Oh, did I say something wrong?  I was sure that I hadn’t said anything rude just then.  If not that, then it might be possible she is confused as I’ve taken an interest in her life.   It’s possible I never paid attention to her before.

“Well, you do know this girls name!  Her names Lumi.  Use it however you like.”  

I could swear that the goddess just winked after that last statement.  Damn her!  What is she playing at, only giving me a name?   I don’t think that would normally help.   Whatever, I guess I’ll just use it like she said and see what happens.

“Huuuh – no~  It’s just…  Onii-san usually never talks so much…  Is he getting better?”

Ahhh…  Rather than it having to do with taking an interest in her, I’ve just never had enough energy in order to have a proper conversation.  If viewed like that, I’ve shown a miraculous improvement in my condition.  There’s no doubt that I have is I was that sick, but to me, I’ve actually had almost my entire amount of power stripped away.  It seems bad but it’s probably for the best.

“Well yes, I’m feeling slightly better.  So..  Please tell me what you’ve been doing.”

“Right!  I’ve been working on table etiquette and elegant movement with instructor Ranu!  I also went into the library in my spare time and climbed…  No, never mind.”

Watching Lumi shake her head and trail off makes me curious.  She was getting super excited but then she stopped.  Was it concern that made her stop as I might be jealous, considering I can’t move around?  It doesn’t matter, I’ll let it pass this time!

“Thanks, Lumi.”

I thanked as she had to deal with the surprise of having a conservation with me, when I had a sudden improvement in my condition.  It was a nice experience, having a casual chat with my sister for some time, but I can feel myself becoming even paler as I begin to tire, making it clear I need to rest.

“Onii-san…  I’ll take my leave now.”

Lumi has also picked up on the fact I’m bordering between a waking state and a sleeping one and has decided she needs to leave now.  I’m not going to say anything about it as it’s the right call in my opinion.


While finally drifting off into the dark world of deep sleep, I can see Lumi smile towards me before turning and leaving the room.  It was seriously cute!

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6 thoughts on “The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 1

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  2. Anon

    Good timeofaday!
    Ho, this definitely looks more polished than the first version. Lost the hints to the mechanics that apparently are not going to be used later, but seem to flow better. So I am eagerly awaiting the next installments. Good like with editing and writing!

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