Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 40

Translator:  Jason

Epilogue ~ The 3rd Companion

“…I see. So in the end, you sold the shop, huh?”

“Yez. I was already thinking about it a little bit, so I just went and sold it.”

Having left the slave trader’s, I was inquiring about the source of the 3 million col that Sheryl had prepared.

“But is that alright? It was the precious shop your master had left you, right?”

“Yes. But, it’s ok. I was planning to get out of the shop once and search in earnest for my master. The way I’ve been living, being forced to work, I haven’t gotten any clues with which to search for my master. I think that iz more important than being obsessed about my work.”

“Yeah. That’s a good thought, huh?”

If Sheryl’s master was alive—.

That person too probably wouldn’t wish to see her bound to the shop and become unhappy.

“And so…Souta-zan. Thiz time, I earnestly have something I wish to ask, but…. Please…could you let me be one of your companions?” Sheryl said with her eyes burning determinedly.

“Ummm…. By companion, do you mean you want to travel with me?

“Yez! Even though I wanted to travel, because the only thing I can do is make thingz…. If Souta-zan would accept me as his personal blacksmith…that would really help me.”


There is nothing to feel guilty about!

My long-term goal in this world it to defeat the demon king who was predicted to revive at some point.

Sheryl’s master cut off communication after going to subjugate demons.

In that case, she can probably find clues by travelling with me.

“Wait. Souta. You aren’t…thinking something wicked, are you?”

“Master. Are you planning to do something horrible even to her…?”

Aphrodite and Carolina, who noticed my ulterior motives, raised criticizing voices.

“It’s fine. Sheryl. If it’s that sort of thing, you’re welcome with us.”


“Uh-huh. But, there is one condition. Sheryl. Can you stand over there with your back turned for a bit?”

“Ummm. Like thiz?”

“Yeah. Like that. It’s a good feeling.”

I threw the capsule ball at Sheryl’s defenseless back.

“Na!? What the heck…is this!?”

The capsule ball suddenly radiated a dazzling light and sucked up Sheryl’s body.

The result.

Before I knew it, Sheryl’s body had completely entered the capsule ball.

“Wh-where is thiz!? L-let me out~!?”

Confused by the sudden situation, Sheryl teared up and beat on the inner walls of the ball.

Having acquired the third beautiful girl, I

Speaking honestly…there will be a lot of worries living in a different world from now on.

Will I ever be able to safely return to Japan?

Before that…will I be able to defeat the demon lord?

There is still a mountain of problems, but even if I worry about it there’s nothing I can do.

For the time being, let’s reflect upon the joy of being able to meet my third companion.

Blacksmith girl…GET!

  • Enslaved Monster Data

Sheryl O’Telrod[i]

Race Gnome

Level 12

Vitality 58

Strength 65

Magic 18

Mana 32


Fire Attribute Magic (Elementary)


[i] After much sounding out, this is my best guess for her last name. If anyone has any better suggestions, the original Japanese is オーテルロッド (o-teruroddo)

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  2. KuroTian

    I wanna be the very best,
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    To charm them is my real test,
    To love them is my cause.

    I will travel across the land,
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    Each HaremMates to understand
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  4. Bwaha

    He could have explained about the ball and given her the choice. Instead he forces it on her. Yet just last chapter he completely let that slaver go with all his money x2. What the fuck.



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