Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 39

Translator:  Jason


At the Slave Merchant’s


I want to talk about what happened after that.

When I returned with the cockatrice’s head as the proof of subjugation, there was a tremendous uproar at the Adventurer’s Guild.

This was a story that could be understand afterwards, but it seemed like the cockatrice I defeated was a female near her breeding season.

The evidence for that was the large egg in her nest.

I was a bit surprised that the cockatrice was aroused by Aphrodite, but if I think about it now I understand.

It had probably left the monsters that had become bait hanging in the branches in preparation for raising young.

Because it seemed that I would be able to sell the defeated cockatrice’s scales for a large sum, I passed the materials I stripped off to Sheryl.

Because she helped out with the commission this time too, it’s appropriate to prepare proper compensation.



Several days after subduing the cockatrice.

Having received the promised 3 million col from the Adventurers’ Guild, I went to the Bakuraja Company to pay off Sheryl’s debt.

“It’s no good. This small amount is definitely not sufficient, y’know?”

After taking the bag with precisely 300 gold coins from me, the debt collector gave off a mean smile.

“…What are you talking about?”


“Rich adventurer-san~. Do you know what interest is? You can’t maintain an old debt for a long time at the same amount.”

“I see. I know what interest is. By the way, about how much is remaining after that amount?”

“Hmm. Wait a bit. I’ll calculate it now.”

The Mohican man looked over the documents in his hands while making an expression like he was stifling a yawn.

“Well, about 3 million col. If you can prepare just that amount, this talk of becoming a slave can be forgotten.”


I was sure listening up to there.

This man wasn’t planning to accept the repayment of the debt from the beginning.

Because I prepared such a large sum as 3 million col in a short time, the other side misunderstood that I was the young master of some nice place or something like that.

At any rate, he was definitely planning to wring out from me what he could.

“How about it? That’s right. There are the results this time, so how about next I give you two weeks?”

“Don’t joke around. Such a request…”

“I’ll pay.”

The one who unexpectedly interrupted me was Sheryl, who had accompanied me there.

Sheryl put a bag with money on the table with a loud thump.


“With this I’m free! I humbly apologize for all the trouble until today.”

“Y-you!? How did you get this much money!?”

Without paying attention to the flustered Mohican, Sheryl rose soundly from her seat.

“Souta-san. Let’s go.”


With a refreshing smile as if a demon just fell, Sheryl pulled my sleeve and we left the store.

Nevertheless, a big sum like 3 million col…just how did she prepare that?

I heard that the scales from the cockatrice only sold for about 300,000 col.


“Wait up. Just now I was wrong! It was a joke! I corrected the calculation and the interest is 5 million col! Therefore, with just this amount, let’s restart the conversation about selling you as a slave!”

The debt collector rushed to stand in front of the door and blocked our escape.

This bastard…how much of a brute is he!?

He got 3 million each from me and Sheryl, for a total of 6 million col, so wouldn’t it be fine if he just withdrew obediently?

He doesn’t seem to know when to give up….

No, that’s wrong.

When looking at his impatience, it’s what you would see if he had already completed the negotiations for Sheryl earlier.

If I assume that he’s in a situation where he can’t cancel the contract no matter how much money he gathers, then I can somewhat understand him.


“It’s alright. Because I’m very strong. Don’t worry.”

To Sheryl who looked at me uneasily and tugged my sleeve, I spoke encouragingly.

Different from earlier, this time I was probably able to clearly comfort her.

Sheryl silently nodded.

“Step back! Brute!”

“…Hah! I’m not an idiot who withdraws when I’m told to withdraw! You should just shut up and prepare money for me!”

The debt collector pulled a dagger out from his breast and threatened us.

It’d be pointless to talk anymore.

That’s right.

There is a perfect monster to punish this man.

“Go. Werewolf.”

With all its might, the werewolf I summoned from inside the ball knocked the man standing in front of the door off his feet.


The man who let out a bitter groan flew five meters. Blood was pouring from his face and his body was convulsing.

“I’ll warn you. Don’t appear in front of us again a second time. Next time we meet I’ll definitely crush your head, alright?”

“…Obo. Obobo.”

With blood frothing out of his mouth, he became teary-eyed and nodded.

In this situation…his long-awaited money will probably disappear into the doctor’s bill.

With this, after much trouble—.

I was able to resolve the problems surrounding Sheryl and the girls.

Having been able to stop his subordinate’s violent acts, the werewolf (previously Bakuraja-san) was certainly crying in joy.

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    1. Uhl

      Probably thinking about what’s going to happen if too many people from this slavery market start disappearing from the same place. Fat guy who can’t fight a lick and loves to sexually torment slaves to death disappears? Meh, had it coming. Debt collector disappears? Hmm… Maybe a rival gang is moving in, lets send the REAL big honchos…


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  3. redribon

    he could just bitchslap him and be done with him without fighting the cocatree but he just have to pay 6 million and for what? he just hit him with werewolf and leave the 6 million? thanks for the chap btw…

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  4. goodx4

    Thanks for the Chapter!!!
    if i were the mc here i would have thrown the ball at him and taken the money back after turning him into a werewolf or experimenting with a new combination


  5. habib

    i hate how spinless Souta is!
    Just take the man to a secluded place and make him food for the werefolf.

    Thanks for doing this chapter. ^.^

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  6. Sammael

    Typical buisness logic of a JP author. Do they have brains I wonder.

    He should have given that little b*ch of a debt collector to his wolfie. First let the wolfie took an arm or leg, next ask nicely where are friends/the rest of a cartel of that typical villan. Crush them, take all.
    Yet the typical logic of a JP mC is give cash, than give some more.
    When the time is right show readers that the mc isn’t a floorrag, but only a bit.
    Readers can’t witness a bad little MC, this would shatter their imagination of a fantasy world where unicorns shat rainbows and a typical MC woldn’t look like a typical JP dense eunuch MC no more. As we know it such end wouldn’t be good for the psyche of readers, a mc must be an eunuch for the readers to feel better, to grow their little unstable egos.

    The same type of transaction was in deprive or deprived. Pathetic chapter, this and that one from deprived.


    1. kuroalicia

      *Tag: Dense protagonis
      Now i know why this story just have 3/5 score
      If that tag disappear, this story is gold

      But yeah, even with his power, he’s basicaly brainless
      I know he can make money again, but if im in his shoes, i’ll definitely take all that money back and catch all that villains

      But this is Japanese disease for every author lol (90% story would go like this)


  7. habib1100

    Just away with the brute! 😬

    No need for any unnecessary time wasting! 😠

    Thanks for doing this chapter! 😧

    This chapter got my pressure unnecessarly high. 😩


  8. Dragon Commander

    LOl wolf wasn’t crying tears of joy, it was tears of sorrow! His dinner got away! LOl the first meal he’s had since he was created escaped.


  9. Collect

    That’s dumb… paying money to fake debt would just make it easier for the hustlers to get more slaves and money from more people. If I don’t see that he steals all the money back all his good is for naught and just plain dumb



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