Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 4

Translator:  Rumanshi (mtl, mostly)
Editor:  N/A
Help:  Raising the Dead
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Returning to the original world?

The highlight so far–
I who was summoned to another world seem to have a ridiculous cheat ability.

“Just a moment, Souta!?   What is your status!?

When I am at my wits end, Aphrodite raises her voice in wonder.    (tl;  俺が頭を抱えているとアフロディーテは驚きの声をあげる.) 

Kazehaya Souta
Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 557(↑556)
Vitality: 252(↑237)
Physical Strength: 95 (↑90)
Magic Power: 200(↑190)
Spiritual Power: 2898(↑2843)

Capsule Ball,  Appraisal Eye

When I open the status screen, my status had risen like crazy.   

“How….  I suddenly increased in levels by a lot.   Are goblins actually an existence that give a lot of experience?

“That shouldn’t be!? If such a  monster pops out no-where, it will be scary!”

Well, what is it then?

If just one goblin caused the increase in levels by 500, the levels would  be inflate.   (tl;  ゴブリンを1匹倒しただけで500以上もレベルが上がることになれば、途端にレベルのインフレが起こってしまうことになる。)

If it’s like that, only 1 thing comes to mind.  

“If that’s the case, then is it related to the events in heaven?”

Immediately following my words,
Aphrodite clasps her hands together, making a clapping sound as if to agree.

“That’s it!  When I was successfully enslaved, you were awarded with a huge amount of experience so your level has risen.  Well, receiving experience points from the goddess of beauty, that much is to be expected, yo.”


Aphrodite, with a proud expression, puffs out her large chest.
Why are you making such an unpleasant face here?

Appraisal eye – Class B – Active
(The skill which ascertains items and the abilities of organisms that exist in Adelheid.)

Acquisition condition

  • Spiritual power of more than 2000

I’ve learned that contracting with Aphrodite has brought about a large amount of experience, it seems.

I was late to notice it, but that new skill Appraisal Eyes has been added to my status.

“Besides Spiritual Power, I feel the others are crap for my level.”

“Hmmm.  It’s inevitable, isn’t it?  The reason that monster tamer is called the weakest job is due to it’s low stats, it appears.
But isn’t it fortunate that Souta’s level rose?  Fortune in misfortune!  Perhaps there’s a chance to return to the original world earlier than expected.”

“?  What do you mean?”

“Ara?  Did I not say?  You were summoned here as the hero to save Adelheid?
Therefore you can’t return to the original world until you rescue mankind from the Demon King (Maou) who is predicted to revive in this world.  You were sent off to Adelheid with such a rule!


Hearing such a thing for the first time is too much!
It would generally be said before you send someone to the other world!

“I want to make sure……  The Demon King is not yet in this world, no?”  

“Well.  It’s said that the revival is only a matter of time.
Is it approximately five years ago, I wonder?   In preparation for the Demon King’s revival, the God’s send in a hero from another Earth.”   


How extraordinary.
That besides me, there were other Earthlings summoned elsewhere…….!

Still, Subjugation of the demon king.
Though it’s a standard RPG development, I’m reluctant.   

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