Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 38

Translator:  Jason

Carrying Out the Strategy

Even though I prepared bait to lure out the cockatrice, this time is the deployment of the monsters.
Above all, the one that holds the most weight in the plan this time is the Mad Marsh.
I prepared for the cockatrice’s attack and summoned my monsters one by one, and at the end called the Mad Marsh that was the key.


The Mad Marsh with the pink mushroom umbrella let out a weird sound as it wriggled its body back and forth.

I had the Mad Marsh move in front of the tree the cockatrice was sleeping in.

(Mad Marsh…Disorder Powder!)

The unexpectedly long range of this skill was already tested.

The Disorder Power released by two Mad Marshes reached all the way to the cockatrice that was resting in the tree.


Cocaktrice Rank: B Lv 24/30 Current status (Sexually Excited)


The first phase of the strategy was a success!

When I used Judgement Eyes, I was able to confirm that the cockatrice’s status became Sexually Excited.

(D. It’s gone smoothly up to now! I’ll count on you for the rest!)

(Un. OK!)

Having confirmed that the strategy went well, I gave the sign to the goddess who was tied up by vines.

“Ufu~n. Cockatrice-cha~n! Come here and do nice things with me❤”

After confirming my sign, Aphrodite took a sexy pose while unnaturally calling out.

The cockatrice that fell to its arousal flew low like it was crawling on the ground and approached Aphrodite.


“Gyaaaaa! Souta!! Quick Souta! Save me!!”

Where’s the seduction from up until a while ago—?
Having lost to the intensity of the approaching cockatrice, Aphrodite cried out while struggling with her arms and legs.

(Goblin Knights! Assemble into formation!)

I hurled instructions to the ten Goblin Knights who were deployed in advance and sealed the cockatrice’s movements.

I can think of two movement patterns for the cockatrice from here.
It can avoid the Goblin Knights in front of it, or plunge in without care.


The effectiveness of its arousal is terrifying!
The result is the second one.

The aroused cockatrice charged at the heavyweight Goblin Knights without slowing down at all.

The moment when the cockatrice collided with the Goblin Knights, the best chance arrived.

(Light Marsh…Numbing Powder!)

I gave an order to the Light Marshes who were deployed ahead of time and they fired their spores at the stopped cockatrice.

The cockatrice, which had inhaled a ton of spores, blew up a huge cloud of dust rolling around on the ground like a caterpillar and moving its huge wings.

“Ku…. This guy!”

Even though its movements were sealed with numbness, it was resisting violently.

If the other party recovers from numbness, it’ll be troublesome.
If it escapes to the air I won’t have a way to beat the cockatrice next time.

I ordered the Goblin Knights to try and hold down the cockatrice.


But because it didn’t stop moving, the number of monsters gradually increased and opposed it.

The result—.
Around when I had sent 14 Goblin Knights, they somehow succeeded in rendering it powerless.

After a little while, the cockatrice convulsed and unbelievably became docile.

I confirmed that the match was over and stroked my chest in relief.

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