Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 37

Translator:  Rumanshi / Jason
TLC:  Jason

Rumanshi:  I’ve received a sacrifice volunteer as well!

First sacrifice.

After wandering around the forest for about two hours.
With the help of Carolina’s special ability of smelling blood, we finally succeeded in locating the place where the cockatrice was.

The cockatrice seemed to have made a bed in a particularly large tree in Gassur Forest and is in the middle of resting right now.

“Still….. The smell is terrible.”

Various bodies of creatures, starting from a wolf, were skewered on the branch of the large tree where the cockatrice is resting.
Exposing them to the sunlight, I wonder if it’s planning to make dried meat?
It was quite the picture of hell.
Now that I think of it, there seems to be a bird called Shrike that has a similar trait.

“…. hey. Why do I have to face such an experience!?”

Aphrodite screamed after realizing the dangerous situation she placed herself in.
“Hey, hey! Didn’t D say she would do anything?”

“Uuuu… I certainly said it but….. I said it but….! I didn’t hear about being placed as a decoy! There is something called limits, isn’t there! ”
Right now.
Aphrodite is being crucified on a tree trunk near the tree where the cockatrice is resting.
Bound with rope, Aphrodite’s breasts were bared with a pleasant feeling and her butt became exposed, bringing about a lewd atmosphere.

By the way, this rope is a special product which Sheryl manufactured by using the vine of a plant.

I named it….. Operation Cockatrice Seduction!

I guaranteed victory with the plan I had thought of this time.

“Souta is a demon! The devil! In spite of the uselessly refreshing name Kazehaya Souta! He is nothing but a brutal person!”

The name has nothing to do with it. It’s just a name.

“Well, don’t say that. This is a task that only you, the goddess of beauty, can do.”

“Only I… can do this task…..!?”

“That’s right. If it’s an ordinary girl, isn’t it impossible to tempt a monster? This is a task that only the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, can do!”


Persuaded by me, Aphrodite had an expression like she suddenly realized something.

“Fufu. Fufufu. It can’t be helped~. Mou~~. Because without me, Souta can’t do anything~”

“Yeah, I’m always being helped by D.”

Naturally, it is all a lie.
I do not think that monster bird would understand the appeal of a woman’s body.

I can’t say it in front of that person no matter what, but–.
Because this fellow with her extraordinary vitality would not get easily get injured in the event of an accident, I felt it was most suitable to make her the decoy.

“Master…..normally seems like he wouldn’t even hurt a bug, but sometimes he does surprisingly horrible things.”

“Skillfully deceiving the goddess with compliments and making her the scapegoat…Souta-san is cruel…He’s a brute…”

Caroline and Cheryl, who saw through my thinking, inserted stinging tsukkomis.


Even if it’s me, won’t I still feel guilty?

I’d like to give defeating the cockatrice the highest priority right now.

Therefore, I can’t afford to choose the means.

If this operation goes well, afterwards let’s buy clothes that Aphrodite likes.

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