Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 34

Translators: Rumanshi, Rinkage, Osura

The blood of the wolf

“By the way, Souta. Aren’t we splitting up for today’s expedition?”

“Aa. I’m not sure what kind of timing is required to encounter a cockatrice.”

The expedition this time carries a large amount of risk compared to the previous ones.
Cockatrice, the demon that became our main objective is a formidable enemy that has a set reward of 3 mil Coll in just a single subjugation.

It is certainly more efficient to split up and search for it but as this is first time Sheryl will be participating thus this will be the last resort.

I summon three Goblins to serve the role as bodyguards.

“Gobuu! Gobuuu!” x3

My strongest fighting force at present is my D Rank Werewolf. This guy serves as my 「last resort!」 so I had thought of saving him for urgent situation like that.

I decided to equip 3 goblin knights with the equipment that I had just purchased.

Goblin Knight Lv 1 (Under employment)

Right Hand: Bronze Sword
Left Hand: Round Shield

Goblin Knight LV1 (Under employment)

Right Hand: Bronze Lance
Left Hand: Round Shield

Goblin Knight LV 1 (Under employment)

Right hand: Bronze Mace
Left hand: Round Shield

The goblin knights had a more reliable atmosphere now that I equipped them with a weapon and a shield.

“Oo~. Seeing demons holding the weaponz which onezelf has made givez an odd feeling!”

Sheryl, with an excited face, eagerly observed the goblin knights appearance.

Well then.
Since we went to a different area,

let’ s go ahead test the goblin knights fighting ability, while also searching for the cockatrice.

With that judgement I advanced through the animal trail where trees were growing thickly.

After walking for a short time, a monster encounter occurred.

“Gau~! Gau~!”

The enemy numbers seven.
Though I am accustomed to fighting wolves, this is the first time there are so many.

Although normally I’d go with the ‘throw the capsule ball and capture it’ pattern without hesitation, but I’ve already decided to use the goblin knights to try to defeat them for this time.

(Go! Goblin knights!)

When I use the ‘contact’ skill to give them orders, the three goblin knights, with their individual weapons in hand, charge in.

It seems to have been the correct decision to have them carry weapons.

The goblin knights swing the weapons in their hands and continue kicking the wolves one after the other.

“Okay. That’s enough. Now you can just stay back.”

“Gobuu!” x3

It didn’t take much time for the wolves’ heads to be smashed and turned into lumps of flesh.

If I were to say one thing I’m curious of, it would be about the fact that, depending on the weapon I had them use, the amount of time before they can annihilate the wolves varies greatly.

In comparison to the bronze sword and bronze lance which took a long time to defeat the wolves, the goblin knight with the bronze mace could render a wolf incapacitated in just one or two hits.

I can’t imagine that there’s that much of a difference in the performance of each of the weapons.
……Which would mean, it’s got something to do with compatibility?


“……Eh? So there was a survivor.”

I’m guessing that one of the less-compatible weapons couldn’t finish it off.
One of the wolf that is already bleeding from the forehead, groaned.

“Master, if it is alright…..could you give one of the wolf that is still alive there to me?”

“I don’t mind it but what will you be using him for?”

“We vampires have a disposition where we need to take in an animal’s blood periodically, or we won’t be able to continue living. Out of all the animals, the fresh (lit. still-living) blood of wolf-species are especially high in nutritional value to us and a staple food.”

“I see. Then you can use the wolf here as you like.”

“Thank you very much, master.”

“Err, will you not be drinking it?”

“…..No. I mean, it is embarrassing to be seen anyone when I am draining the blood….I’d appreciate it if you could turn to the back for a while.”

“I-Is that so.”

Carolina seemed to be fidgeting as she blushed.

Even though she doesn’t mind it when she was seen getting attacked by the tentacles, she doesn’t want to be watched when she’s eating?……..

I don’t really understand Carolina’s standard of embarrassment.

Anyway there’s no helping it if Carolina has said it herself that she doesn’t want to be seen.
Turning my back on the still-embarrassed Carolina, it happened then.

“Master! Above!”

Carolina suddenly let out an alarmed, surprised cry.

When I look up as told, a dragon reaching three metres long was right in the midst of descending from the sky, aiming at the ground.

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  2. laharl8080

    yay next will became a dragon slayer or dragon tamer, though most likely he will tame it if its a greater dragon


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    ┃ \ ┃┃┃┏━┛┃┏━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┃
    ┃  \┃┃┃┗━┓┃┗━┛┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┃
    ┃┃\  ┃┃┏━┛┃┏━━┛┃┃ ┃┃┗┛
    ┃┃ \ ┃┃┗━┓┃┃   ┃┗━┛┃┏┓
    ┗┛  ┗┛┗━━┛┗┛   ┗━━━┛┗┛
          iヽ       /ヽ
           | ゙ヽ、    /  ゙i
            |    ゙”─‐”’”   l
         ,/               ゙ヽ
         ,i゙    /         \ ゙
         i!     ●      ● ,l
         ゙i,,   *   (__人__)  ,/
          ヾ、,,          ,/
          /゙ “         ヽ
        /             i!
      (⌒i    丶  i   !   i!.,
        γ”⌒゙ヽ  l   l  γ’.ヽ
         i     i,__,,ノ   i,__,,ノ_,,丿
         ヽ,_,,ノ”~´ ̄  ̄



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