Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 33

Translator:  Rumanshi
Helpers:  Yoshiro, Wes, Nymph

Godly eyes

After walking for an hour, we arrived at Gassur forest.

“It’s impossible! To subdue a cockatrice with this amount of people……it’s impossible!”

Sheryl’s complexed turned blue when I spoke about the method to raise 3,000,000 cols and advocated a dissenting opinion.

“When speaking of the Cockatrice, it’s a monster famous amongst uz blacksmithz! Because this dragon pozzezzes strong scales which are the materials used in high quality protective gear that the kingdom’z knights wear. However! The Cockatrice iz originally…a monster which even 10 skilled adventurerz can’t fight against. ”

“…….you should have waited in town if you thought so.”

“That’s not what I’m saying! Thiz, izz a problem of myzelf and my masterz. I couldz not show my face in front of my mazter if another person gotz involved and injured!”

“……Hey. I thought it a while ago, but why is Sheryl managing a store by herself? You said master, but, where is he now?”

If he just suddenly disappeared and pushed the store’s debt to Sheryl, then this is not a too cruel story.

“Thiz… Being frank, onzelf doez not know either. Master waz a remarkable blacksmith while alzo being a remarkable adventurer. Two yearz ago….. He went to subjugate demonic beingz and haz never returned.”

“So that’s what happened……”

As further investigation seems like it’d be like taking a snake out from a thicket, I stop.
She has her own circumstances.

“I understand that Sheryl is worried, but it’s alright! I look like this but in fact, I’m really strong! I will not lose to a dragon!”

“Etto……How do I say this……Will it really be alright? Saying thiz might be rude…..but I don’t really see it that way.” (Nymph: She’s talking about MC’s strength)

The numbers in my status seem pretty high looking at it like this, but as expected I don’t seem to be too strong.
I am aware of it myself, so the next time a girl points it out I won’t feel hurt.

“It’s reasonable for Sheryl-chan to say! When judging by appearance, Souta does not seen like the reliable type at all! However, you should feel relieved. Because the goddess of love and beauty…… Aphrodite is on Souta’s side!”

Aphrodite sticks out her chest and makes a hmph sound.

“Aphrodite is…… One of the twelve gods of Olympus!? Nono, by no meanz could you meanz that. Onezelf may be a countryman, but thiz one would not fall for such an obvious lie!”

I thought about it at the time with Carolina, but Aphrodite’s popularity in this world is truly an amazing thing.

“Fu~n. If you can’t believe it, I’ll prove it. Let me see… E~ I see. Your three sizes from the top are 86 58 83. Is Sheryl-chan the type to be enormous when she takes it off? It’s a pretty nice body for your height.”

“Wh-. Whahaha!? Where did youz get thiz information!?”

“Fufufu. If I use the skill that only the divine can use [Godly eyes] then I can see through anything.
The panties is white, i see. As a female, if I am to give you an advice, wearing a more erotic panties would be better, you know?”

“STOP ! I believe! I believe you! Don’t zpeak about my own information in front of souta-zan anymore!”

Sheryl began to use all her effort in an attempt to seal Aphrodites mouth with teary eyes.

“Tsu~ka, you… Wasn’t it the case that you were under a 『curse』when you came to the ground?”

“Fufufu. I certainly said that. However, did I say this? The capsule ball has a healing power which can heal the 『curse』. To tell you the truth, the Godly eyes skill returned a while ago~”

In addition to the three sizes, the《Godly Eyes》skill can even see the colour of the panties.

Such a thing is quite the enviable ability.

“The God’s eyes skill has the feeling of being a strengthened version of Souta’s 《Judgement eyes》. If you want to make use of my skill then say 『Aphrodite-sama。 Please lend me your assistance』 while licking my shoes. Like that, I may think about it?”
“……Is that so? Well, there’s a chance.”

Being truthful, I’d like to kneel down in front of Aphrodite right now.

And I’d like for her to tell me the colour of the panties of the beautiful girls walking around the town to no end.

If something like that is requested, the mood of the group of surrounding women being ruined can be seen in the future.

“…… Master. By the way, my panties are black?”

Due to the God’s Eyes skill being too enviable, she almost went mad with jealousy–.

The motivated Carolina later on sneakily told the color of the panties.

Her affection managed to make me stay in line somehow.

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