Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 32

Translator: Fairy
Settling the trouble in the different world

Painful! Just what am I doing?

“Behave yourself! This chibi woman!” (Ru: ;-; Wut)

Today, in order to earn my daily income, as I walked towards Zumaria’s wetland, for some reasons, I heard this rude conversation in the middle of the streets.
General Weapons Store  【Crimson Blades】

When I looked towards the direction of the voice, it came from a shop that I recognised.

Sheryl,the girl who is running the weapon store in Saintbell Street is quarreling with a Mohican dude with bad looks.

“Ora! Come out here quickly! Come to my firm and let’s talk carefully over it.”

“….Uguu. I am against violence!”

The Mohican dude forcibly grasped Cheryl’s hair and drag her away from the shop.
I am able to see the terrified look in her eyes.
In spite of the young girl begging for help, the pedestrian in the streets acted oblivious to the scene.
That cold hard truth has shown it’s reality about this world’s public order.

“D and Carol please standby in the ball? It seems that something has become really troublesome”
“I understand~”
“ Acknowledged”
Once the girls returned back into the ball, I walked towards the Mohikan dude.
“ I am sorry. Is there something wrong?”

“HUUHHH? Who the hell are you?


Why in the blazes does she know my name?
I have some doubts about it but thinking about it carefully, during the time I entered Sheryl’s shop to buy goods, I remembered that I made a membership card.

“ I am sorry but this isn’t your problem. Outsiders should just stay back.”
“Well well. Don’t say it like that. Isn’t it okay to just explain to me what had happened?”

Even if the matter got escalated, it will just make the matter worse.
I as much as possible try not worsen the other party’s mood by trying to polite and finding a way out of this.
“There is nothing much to be guilty/shady about it? It’s just a job of collecting on debts, that’s all. Incidentally, this is the IOU”
“ I see. But isn’t it difficult to prepare such a large sum of money?
“ Ahh. Therefore I had gave you an advice to dispose of this ragtag shop to prepare the money quickly”

“ Th-This shop is the shop that my Master had left behind for me! I cannot just easily surrender this shop to other!”

Also from the fact that she took over the shop at an age of 13, I thought she should have some kind of circumstances/reason but —

On Sheryl’s side, something out of ordinary had occurred.

“….. And so. If you cannot prepare the money, it can’t be helped. It has been decided that this girl will work as a slave to pay back the money.”

“It should be paid back in monthly installments! Why has it become stricter so the point that you must collect it now!”

“Shut up! Various matters have happened as well. I seriously do not want to do it as well. The high classed slave who was planned to be sold to the high class noble to receive a huge amount money has escaped and my group’s quota has suddenly jumped… Really, although it’s such a stupid timing where has Baguraja-sama gone to?”

The Mohican dude unpleasantly gave a grumble.
I who heard the dude’s words generally understood the reason for the trouble this time.
It appears somehow or another that the reward the guys’ shop should have received after selling Carolina has vanished into thin air. It seems like this loss ended being shifted onto Sheryl.

No matter how I think about it, it seems like it’s my responsibility.
Isn’t that so?
Going back to the root of the problem, If I did not capture Carolina into the capsule ball, this trouble will not happened in the first place.

“Ano… Although there’s the debt…… Is it impossible for me to shoulder it and pay?”


At my abrupt proposal, Sheryl opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“…..Ha. Do not make me laugh. What can be expected from an adventurer with such poor and smelly equipment ?”

Certainly with normal request, raising 3 000 000 coils within a short period of time is impossible.

However, there is only 1 method of doing it.
Unlucky or not, I had only just known a way to obtain that huge amount of money.
“Please wait for 3 days. I will definitely prepare 3000000 col for you.”

“Haha! Don’t talk big. What can we get by waiting? What do you have to make us able to trust you?

“Well Well. Don’t say that. It seems like you are being deceived.

I took out a gold coin from my pocket and placed it into the mohicans fist.

“This is the advance payment, If I break the promise and run away, you can just have the gold coin.”
When the dude received the bribe, his face immediately slackened and understood.
“….Ha!. This is interesting. If you say it like that, I will try waiting for a while. However, no matter how much I wait, nothing can be changed.”

The mohican dude who received the gold coin left Sheryl’s store in a good mood.
For today’s expedition, it seems that a change in destination is necessary.

I’ll aim at Gassur forest– To kill the dragon in order to get rich quick!

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