Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 31

A new request!?

The next day.
When I went to the adventurers guild, a mysterious crowd had formed around the bulletin board.

“Wait a minute! An outrageous request has been posted.”

“I heard about it. A dragon has emerged within the forest.”

“……You. Will you try accepting it?”

“Is that a joke? Even if I could acquire a large fortune, I will still decline. My life comes first.”

What the heck are they talking about?

I push my way through the crowd in order to check the contents of the bulletin board.

Then, what was there–.

☆ Urgent Quest

Subjugation of the dragon bird. (Yian Kut Ku)

Required Rank: G
Success condition: Subdue 1 cockatrice which has appeared in Gassur Forest.
Reward: 3,000,000 Kol
Repeat: Not possible.

The men are probably talking about the new request that was added ‘Subjugation of the Dragon Bird’.

“Excuse me. It is about the the newly added dragon bird subjugation quest….. Could you tell me a little more about it.”

“Yes. The subjugation target this time is the demon called Cockatrice. It is an exceedingly dangerous meat eating dragon It’s forte is breathing out red hot flames from it’s mouth.

“……I see. Understood.”

Speaking of the Cockatrice, it gave me an image of a monster whose breath from it’s mouth will turn humans into stone.
From what they are saying, it seems that the Cockatrice of this world is limited to only breathing fire out it’s mouth and can’t turn men to stone.
Nethertheless, this doesn’t change the fact it’s a strong monster.
Now then.
What should I do now?

One way or another the risk is high, but the reward of 3,000,000 is certainly exceptional.

It may be worth taking the risk and challenging it.

“Souta! Have you decided whether decide to receive this dragon subjugation quest or not?”

“Un.. Though it’s like that, I intend to put it on hold for the time being..”

“……Ara? Why? The reward is 3,000,000, you know!? It’s a chance to make a killing!”

“Usually in a situation like this, it’s a based on the law of equivalent exchange.. Would the reward be 3,00,000 kol if the cockatrice dragon subjugation request was only a little dangerous?”

Aphrodite adopts a serious tone as she tries to persuade me with reproachful eyes.

“A great statement coming from a person who threw the capsule ball at the Goddess me… Souta has changed in an unexpected way to become conservatively sound..

“Leave it!”

I am the type to raise my level plenty before advancing onto the next map in an RPG!

In this different world where you can die for real, taking an overly careful stance is perfect..

“I think Master’s judgement is wise. Speaking of the Cockatrice; if it’s just a single village, it is monster notoriously known to burn it down easily. I guess that sort of battle capability is comparable even to us demon tribes.

“Hora. Even Carol has said so. Let’s proceed conservatively.

“Well, if that’s the case then I don’t particularly mind. But in that manner, the day that Souta defeats the Maou will be dragged further away.”

Aphrodite who received my steadfast declaration to the bitter end, gave out a small sigh.

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  1. GM_Rusaku

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    1. Foguinho

      I like Tigrex, but the way he moves is sooooooo anoying, Nargacuga is not that hard, but when you face hes sub-species(mainly Lucent Nargacuga) it is such a pain.


  2. Foguinho

    complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.

    HEY, Yian Kut KU is a Bird Species not a Dragon Species at the very least use the Rathalos(i know it is a Wyvern but it helps with the image) or at the very least Magala.



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