Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 28

Translator:  Yoshiro

The Blacksmith Girl

After buying the armor, the next thing would be to acquire weapons.

I decided to visit the closest store that Edgar-san told me.

“Wait. Souta. Let’s not go to that store.”

“…. I also think that it would be better to search for another store.”

That store, closest to the General store, gives a dismissal reaction to females from its outlook.

Composite Arms Store

The words on the tattered signboard were pretty much worn out to the level where you can barely read it.

“It can’t be helped. Let’s find another shop, shall we? To begin with, we can’t enter the store anyway since the shutter is down.

At the timing of when we gave up and was about to return.

Sheryl Oterrod(Need help with this)
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Age 13

“Um… It’s been a while since I see the dazzling sunz.”
(TL: Trying to act some sound effect to make her sound slightly different)

With the ‘gara gara’ sounds, the store’s shutter started opening.

What appear from inside the store was a girl of short build with a nearly 150 cm height.

If you are talking about a gnome in an RPG, it would be the Earth attribute Sprite, right?
I wonder if the gnome’s race feature is also sharp-pointed ears like the elves?
Though covered in soot and oil, if you concentrate your gaze, you can actually see rather cute features.

A different type of beauty, compared to Aphrodite and Caroline.

“Ah. Hi Hi. Customerz?

As she noticed me, she floated a friendly smile.

“Could it be… you are the one that manage this shop?”

“That’s rightz. What kind of weapons are you searching for today? Since I have completed the work that have been keeping me busy, I can provide some service!”

As the girl named Sheryl’s sights laid on Aphrodite and Caroline at my back, her eyes widened.

“Hey! Adventurer-san! Are those girls Adventurer-san’s companion!?”

“Ah. Well, that does turns out to be the case.”

“Wah.. I am shocked. I have never seen such lovely people before. They are really beautiful girls, aren’t they!?”

Sheryl was taking a semi-over reaction after seeing the appearance of Aphrodite and Caroline.

“Yosh. I have decided. Souta. We shall buy weapons from this shop today!”

“Eh? But didn’t you say you wanted to find some other shop just now?”

“I have already forgotten something so long in the past! To be astonished of my beauty at the beginning of our first meeting….. Isn’t she a considerably promising child? Surely, I am sure that her skill as a blacksmith is undoubtable.”


Well, I don’t think those two have any relations with each other though.

Seriously… She changed her mind so easily just from some compliments.
Likely due to the good mood from being complimented, Aphrodite took my arm, and began entering the insides of the store.

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6 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 28

  1. spoilerproof

    thanks for the chapter~
    A travelling peddler passed by and said, “What a beautiful miss! Ah, I give thanks to the gods for this meeting.*wipes fake tears of joy* Would you like to buy this really expensive(cheap) necklace for 9999 gold? I’d bet that it would undoubtedly fit your graceful countenance.”

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  2. thejum

    For whatever reason, I imagine her with a Russian accent. “V”s instead of “W”s, and “Z”s instead of “TH”s. Words in an odd order.

    You know, stuff like that.

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