Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 27

Let’s prepare the monster’s equipment

This expedition was very profitable by itself.
The number of material brought back well surpasses 100.

Light marsh x 8
Amoebas slug x 2

I was unable to employ many monsters in Zumaria marsh as, unlike the goblins, they did not have the group behaviour.

It was good that I was able to capture a second amoebas slug on the way home.

It might be a rare monster if on my one day expedition I only met two.

[The quest reward is 76000 Col]

“…thanks. Thank you very much.”

“You were amazing as usual! Since I began work more than 1 year ago, you are the first adventurer to have gathered so many raw materials!”

The receptionist, Chloe-chan, looked at me with big eyes, surprised.

“Ha ha ha. It’s not a big deal.”

While I suppress my heart from soaring, I provide a foppish smile.

“By the way, do you want to have dinner together tonight?”

“Ah. You don’t have to do that.”


As I felt like it, I tried picking up a woman for the first time in this life…… And was splendidly rejected completely.

This fellow..is she not interested in me!?
I had completely misunderstood because they praised me like something as “amazing”.

Even if an unpopular guy goes into a different world, will he still be unpopular?

…….it’s a tough world.

Due to cash received from selling the large amount of raw materials, I have a warm feeling in my chest.
I left the adventurer’s guild to visit the general store I was at previously.

“Come. Welcome to the officially recognised guild general store.”

I enter the store and am greeted by an unfashionable, plump, middle-aged man.
“So, Caro, what kind of weapon do you want?”

“Well, it is different from a weapon but if I could get some less constricting clothes. It is hard to move in these maid clothes.”

“I see. Well, That seems alright.”

The purpose of this shopping is equipment replenishment.

So far, care about any budget has been abandoned –.

As my ability is a monster tamer, I want the equipment on Aphrodite and Carolina to be as good as possible.

“Also..I would be thankful if you would buy a change of underwear…I have only the pair I put on.”

“Mhm. Shall I choose it carefully?”

Carolina was in the forest a long time and she hasn’t had the circumstances to change since meeting me.

Then, she has probably kept the same underwear on for around 3 days?

Why am I doing such a useless calculation?

“Ah. If that’s the case, I want to buy underwear!”

“Didn’t you just buy some yesterday?”

This fellow obstinately didn’t tell me what kind of underwear she wore.

“Stupid Souta! To ask that is to have no delicacy! No matter how much underwear a girl has, it isn’t enough!”

“….is that so?”

I don’t understand it well but I should probably leave it alone.

By the way, Adelheid’s underwear is almost the same design as modern day Japan.

After the manager of the general store heard such a story, and guessed–.

It seems that rubber-like materials in Adeleheid that are easy to manufacture exist, but compared to the people of Earth, underwear culture has developed for a long time or something.

I’ve got no problem with the fact that other world girls are the best, but when it comes to underwear, I’m more used to Earth’s design and so I like it more.

To me who likes beautiful girls’ panties three times more than food, it seems like the underwear situation in Adeleheid is somewhat convenient to me.


While the women choose their underwear, shall I choose the weapon to make the Goblin Knights have?

Presently, the Goblin Knight has a club that has been carved from a tree.

Isn’t it possible to increase their battle ability drastically by changing weapon?

It would be worth trying sufficiently.

“I’m sorry. I’m looking for a weapon even beginners can handle, is there not something?”

“Hmm. Weapons. They are handled in our shop but I cannot recommend…”

“Why is that?”

“There is a few little items but our shop is not a specialty store. It is not possible for us to perform maintenance on the weapon, so it is better for the beginner to go to a specialty store. There are many specialty shops that will give periodical maintenance for free.”

“….I see.”

Apparently we can not arrange everything in the general store.

“Shall I tell you the location of the weapon shop located in Saint Bell?”

“Thank you for your help.”

Like that I heard from the manager Edgar-san about the location of specialty shops.

It is protective gear, not decorative, I have to purchase.
I decide to go in the general store and choose Carolina’s equipment for a while.

Ranger suit Class E
(Clothes for ease of movement)

Leather boots Class F
(Strong boots. Small bonus to blow offensive attacks.)

Like that, I chose a suit of clothes for the purpose of expedition and a pair of boots to fulfill the request.

“Souta-sama. Umm…is it okay to buy me such expensive clothes?”

Carolina who had entered the fitting room and changed clothes uttered a cry of bewilderment….

The price of the clothes called the Ranger Suit is 9000 Cols. In Japanese money, it was around 10,000 yen but the clothing was comparatively expensive to the rest in the shop.

“I don’t mind. You have worked hard and this is not that great an expense.”

“Thank you! I’ll use it carefully!”

And well, while I said that quite condescendingly, really this time’s matter was out of my own self-interest.

The Ranger Suit which I chose for Carolina was an attractive design, a mini-skirt + garter belt + knee-sock combo.

While it is my sense of style, I think this is the perfect article for Carolina, who gives off a ‘cool’ air.

For Carolina who uses kicks as her main fighting style, as I thought having her wear a miniskirt is best.

“It is a little short Souta. On earth, what kind of thing is this? Are Caro’s clothes more expensive than mine?”

“Well, that is the case. I’ll give D another opportunity to buy equipment due to the different value.”

“Muu~. Absolutely! It’s a promise!”

There is still a slightly displeased air but—
Aphrodite seems to have understood somehow.

Compared to the early days, Aphrodite has become a lot more obedient.