Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 22

Hero or Maou

I have met an outrageous person.
In response to the various explanations Carolina was unable to hide her surprise.

Though there is also the meeting with the most supreme divines on land, what shock Carolina even more is the fact that the divines that accompany humans.

In response to the prediction of the Maou’s revival, she was informed by her fellow demons about the summoning of heroes from an alternate world.

Even though Carolina has 300 years of experience, she has not heard of a divine protection that could control a God.

……No, to be accurate, there was only one person in the past with a power similar to that.

Great Maou — Ibris.
The existence whom dominated Adelheid 300 years ago and was feared.

Ibris is an existence Adelheid that has the skill of “enslaving all monsters”, and is surely being placed in the most absolute position.

I wonder why.
From a glance, Souta’s form is sort of overlapping that of the Maou’s…

Perhaps this is, the boy called Kazehaya Souta who was summoned to the different world as a hero, is the reincarnation of the Maou?

The doubt which budded in Carolina gradually grew into conviction.

There are two reasons for this.

First; A prediction of the revival of the Maou in the near future that came from the mouth of a famous prophet.
With Ibris’ mighty powers, though his body might rot away there is no way his soul disappeared completely.

In such a case, it would be normal for the reincarnation to take hundreds of years.

The second thing; the perception of Carolina who served the demon king for a long time.

She served at Ibris’ side closer than anyone else, she can understand simply because she loves him from the bottom of her heart.

There is no doubt.
The boy called Kazehaya Souta is the reincarnation of the demon king.

The person himself doesn’t seem to be aware of it, but if the prophecy is reliable, before long he will awaken to the power of the Maou and dominate Adelheid.

Then my mission should be to help him with my utmost effort.

(But, it was a strange coincidence, wasn’t it? To be able to meet you by chance in this way again……)

Ibris who is stronger than everyone else is the subject of longing by Carolina.

(Fufu. To think that I…… I can’t get this worked up.)

Carolina trembles in joy, being able to serve the demon king once more.

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  2. GM_Rusaku

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  3. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Her PoV is really PoV of a Maou follower…

    And btw, the font size has become more smaller than before…


  4. GonZ555

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter 😄

    Ehh?! So Kazuya’s ability is not unique? I wonder if he could meet this senpai to learn harem building *cough* i mean learning how to use his skills better~


    1. xias1

      It´s a misunderstanding of Caroline.
      The great demon king Iblis / Ibris has the power to subjugate any monster and has no limits to the amount of monsters for his skill.

      The MC has the taming skill that should only work on basic type monsters and only allows 1 more monster to be subjugated for every 10 levels of the tamer = MC.
      Only due to the boost by the MC´s ultimate skill “absolute control/dominion” or what it´s called can his taming skill work on ALL beings.

      So the differences between Iblis and MC are:
      Iblis´s skill:
      + no restriction for the amount
      – but only works on all monsters.

      MC´s skill combo:
      – limited amount of taming slots depending on MC´s level
      + can subjugate any BEING – no matter if monster, human, demon or divine.

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      1. coatl45

        We don’t know the specifics of Ibris’s power. For all we know, Ibris could have had a truly monstrous level. Then there’s the fact that the skill ‘Absolute Dominion’ sounds like the type of power that a Maou would be easily able to wield. And my last point is why did the gods fear him so much that they felt the need to crush him. Gods are nearly impossible to kill, but forcing them into a life of slavery would definitely get them motivated to crush someone before they can get to that point.

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  5. BakaGrappler

    This kind of misunderstanding… don’t correct it. Just bring her to your bed and let it RIIIIIIIIDE~!


  6. Asf

    Wait… that guy have a similar skill with the maou? He must be a reincarnation of maou’s soul that goes through worlds and dimensions that is conviniently summoned by the gods back to this world to revive and rule the world as maou again?!!! Shes a genius!!


  7. KneelToMeHuman

    If I have to choose between hero and Maou, then Maou is the way to go…
    Compared to what all stupid Demon Lords do in novels… I would get rid of any summon hero(sent by truck-kun) the moment they come to my world… Just have spies among the humans, get rid of them(summon heroes) before they even get to know what power they have or how to control it… And live happily ever after with my demon harem xD perfect life 😀
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  8. spoilerproof

    thanks for the chapter~
    if he ACTUALLY isn’t the maou and the current maou is a bishoujo….go masterball!!


  9. Modo

    Well if he IS the Maou then that begs the question what he was doing being a game addict on Earth. And come to think of it, he can’t very well slay himself so it’d also complicate his return to AC-land, huh?


  10. Angel

    awaken to the power of the Maou and dominate Adelheid, nah, i think he will Dominate all the girl and become the harem king!! ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


  11. Dragon Commander

    That’s a new one. The Hero is the Demon King’s reincarnation. Blade Dance had something similar but not quite the same.



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