Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 21

The Forbidden meeting

The highlight up to here.
I somehow managed to become Carolina’s master.

“Master. If you want me to do anything, please order me. If it’s master’s orders, I’ll accept anything.

Carolina says so while bowing gracefully.

“A-anything is okay……?”

“It’s natural. After being rescued by master, I’ll serve with all my body and power wholeheartedly.”

Carolina says words of thanks with a carefree smile.
Because it was too cute, my heart throbs unexpectedly.

Or perhaps should I say, thinking about my situation right now, it is exceedingly amazing right now.

At a close inspection, Carolina seems to be quite slim overall and what emerges… The man’s ideal of a body.

It’s dangerous.
My heart is throbbing now that I’ve become conscious of it.

“Souta! I rented a bath earlier!”

When I looked in the direction the voice, Aphrodite was there wearing a bathrobe.
Her appearance directly after a shower was incredibly sexy.

Out of a small gap in the bath towel Aphrodite’s voluptuous breasts shake.

“……-!” Why is there a member of the gods family here!?”

Carolina who saw the figure of Aphrodite had her complexion pale visibly.

“Perhaps Karo, do you understand the true nature of this fellow?”

“Yeah. The gods and demons are inextricably linked. Because they are existences that are directly opposite each other. When they are close it can be sensed, although vague.”

I see.
That reminds me, when Aphrodite saw Carolina, she did conclude that she was from the demon’s family.

“Is that so. It can’t be helped if it’s exposed. This girl here, is called Aphrodite and has various circumstances so she has to adventure with me.”

Carolina who heard my words became even more shaken than before.



I didn’t know.

I think I heard her name a lot in games… but in this world, is Aphrodite also very famous?

“Etto. There are various reasons for this.”

Things have become more complex.
If I think about it carefully, I have contracted both someone from the Gods family and the demons family who are like water and oil.

I’ve decided to explain the details to Carolina.

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