Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 18

The Girl that Sells Apples

“This will be your reward of 66000 col for the quest.”

“Thank you very much.”

On this day, there was an uproar in the adventure guild.

That was expected.

In just one day, the 《Medicinal Grass》that I have brought in easily exceeded a number of 100

Just out of curiosity, how are you able to gather some much? Could it be that Souta happen to know of a secret spot in the forest?

“Fufufu. This is because of the talent I have as a adventurer. This is natural if you leave the job to me. ”

Let’s act extra cool in front of the lovely Kuroe-chan.

“Hey hey. What the hell? That rookie…?”

“Oh I recalled. If I am not mistaken, he was the guy who brought in an outrageously beautiful girl when he came to register as an adventurer.”

“Seriously!? That topic where the guy who was wearing weird clothing!”

Topics in regards to me is starting to circulate among the other adventurers.

As expected, that might have been a little too conspicuous.

The plan of using 《Medicinal Grass》 as a form of earnings will have to be restrained for the time being.

Well, no matter, since I am planning to get a different quest tomorrow, I guess there shouldn’t be much problem.

While thinking of that, I left the adventurer guild.

“Onii-san. Apple! Would you like to have an apple?”
(TL: Onii-chan = Brother, or any stranger who is older than you, but not an Uncle yet.)

To return to the inn, I am walking on the streets of Saint Bell.
A girl called out to me.

That girl was opening a shop with a simple street booth, placing the apples on top of a slightly dirtied sheet.

I wonder if she is about 7 years old?
In modern Japan, she would, without doubt, be at the age of entering elementary school.

So in this world, young girls like her also have to work.
She doesn’t seem to be well nourished, as it was a heart-aching scene.

“Souta. I am hungry. Since we are here, how about bringing some apples back?”

I wonder if Aphrodite wanted to do something after seeing the little girl’s appearance.

“That’s true. Eeetto. Can I have 10 of them?”

“Th..Thank you very much! 10 of them, that will be 1500 col. ”

I handed over 1 silver coin and 5 iron coin, in exchange for the apples.

If there are any remaining apples after that, let’s give them to the goblins as feed.

By the way, the currency value of this world are as follows:

Bronze coin 10 col
Iron coin 100 col
Silver coin 1 000 col
Gold coin 10 000 col

Though there is something above those called white gold, it seems that it is never circulated in the market at all.

Aphrodite and I were both chewing the apple while walking on the streets of Saint Bell.

Anyway, in regards to the taste, they were extremely normal apples.

After being summoned to the alternate world, I think it’s been a while since I have eaten anything sweet.

I found the apple delicious to the point of being moved after not eating one for a long time.

“Hey. You there. .Stop your feet.”

Bakuraja Ackerman
Race: Human
Age: 37

While walking in a really good mood, a sweaty overweight middle-aged man stands right in front of me.

Taking along what seems to be his bad-looking subordinates, the overweight man glared at us.

“Hey! Do you recognize the girl in this picture!?”

What he took out from his bosom was a picture of a sexy voluptuous girl.

I immediately realized that the girl in the picture was the vampire girl, Caroline, who I enslaved recently in the forest.

“No. Sorry. Though I have no idea, may I know what did she to?”

If it’s Caroline, she is sleeping in the ball though?

I won’t speak of it even if my mouth was being teared apart.
Since the circumstances don’t seem to be normal, I think it’s best that I do not disclose information regarding Caroline.

“You! You are being too haughty! Do you know who is this person!? He is the commander of Saint Bell’s 4th biggest slave firm, Bakuraja Ackerman-sama.”

“… I… I see.”

well, who is that?
In the first place, the commander of the 4th biggest firm….. That sounds like an awfully questionable position if you say me.

“~Funn~. Know that your life is at its end if you made any more rude comments! That girl in the picture is an item that we have purchased. In spite of that, it has escaped.”


I see.
That means Caroline didn’t want to be a slave and was escaping from that fate.

Then, in the midst of escaping, she fell from the cliff and got to her current situation.

“I understand. If I receive any information, I will contact you.”

After bowing my head, the whole mass of guys went off looking for the next witness by proceeding through the booths.

“What’s that about? What an unpleasant feeling.”

“Yep. It feels like it’s going to be troublesome, so let’s try not to have anything to do with it.”

I thought about this after the situation, but I think I might have raised a flag when I made that remark.

“Hey you! Lining apples at this place… Do you have the commerce permit that we issued!?”

“You crap! Get over here! I am going to spank you real good at my house.”

The overweight man smiled vulgarly while seemingly ensnaring the girl that sells apple.
His right hand went grabbing the girl’s butt tightly.

“Uhmm. Don’t you think that’s enough? It’s childish against a kid, you know.”

Ahhh. I am an idiot!

I have already decided not to be involved into it since I know it’s going to be troublesome…..
By the time I realized, my body had already moved.

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