Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 17

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An unexpected use

Since the contract with the beautiful vampire girl, Carolina Burton, 3 hours have passed.

The conclusion of the medicine grass collection ended up with the amount collected exceeding yesterday’s amount.

I didn’t calculate it definitely, but isn’t the quantity gathered no less than 100?

But, a new challenge has arisen.
With the progression of time the pace of collection has clearly declined

At first I thought that the demons were simply tired, but this time it doesn’t explain the pace of decline.

This leads to a single conclusion.
It seems like I have exhausted the supply of《Medicine Grass》 that grows within the forest.

“It is useless to work any more. For now, I’ll return home and look for a new method to raise money tomorrow.”

By the way, the wolves are standing by as they are demons that are not suitable for the collection of medicine grass.

Compared to the goblins, their intelligence is low is their low point.
It seems the wolves have no distinction ability and would bring commonplace weeds.

“Fufufu! It seems my turn has come!”

How the hell am I meant to carry this medicine grass back to the street? And, as I was thinking so Aphrodite raised her voice.

“Good grief…… Souta can’t do anything without me. If Souta just bows his head…… Shall I help with carrying luggage today as well?”


U, Uzee.
Certainly with the time picking the medicine, with only 1 person carrying it, it will get dark.
Can Aphrodite, two goblin knights and I just barely carry it?
I feel the amount.

To take the two demons to the street is something I don’t want to do, in order to avoid the public’s gaze.

“Hey hey! What’s wrong? ‘Please. Aphrodite-sama! Pre pre pre pretty – Aphrodite-sama!
Transcendent beautiful person Aphrodite-sama!’, if you sob while putting your head to the ground, I’ll think about it specially?”

To bow my head is rather cheap, but it feels like Aphrodite will somehow get more annoying.

Can nothing be done?

When various plans went through my head, an idea sprung to mind.

“……No. Wait?

Absolute Control (Grade: Details unknown)
(Protection given to those with the qualification to rule the universe)

So what I remembered was the divine protection 《Absolute Control》.

According to the explanation that’s written, it’s possible to control any target.
Then I wonder if I can store not only the demon, but the items inside the ball?

Actually, Aphrodite has her pillow and blanket in the ball so it’s possible.

The image is important.
I pile the medicine grass in a huge mound on the ground, then push it against the capsule ball.

What will happen?
The capsule ball emits a dazzling light, sucking the items like a high-performance girlfriend (Vacuum cleaner).

It seems that medicine grass item is not obstructed by the limit somehow.
As a result more than 100 medicine grass ended up in the capsule ball.


By no means did I think to take away one of the few jobs as a baggage carrier.

The condescending attitude from a short while ago completely reversed itself.
Aphrodite seems to be considerably upset.
“…… Hey, hey Souta. By the way, all my words from a short time ago were a joke, okay?”

“I understand. It’s impossible for a sweet girl like D to take advantage of a person’s weakness.”

Towards my jokingly sarcastic remarks, Aphrodite becomes teary eyed.

“R,right. It’s good if you understand. I feel impressed that Souta, without noticing, seems to have matured too.”

“Haha. If my growth stays at this rhythm, D’s work may disappear more and more.”

To me speaking even more sarcasm, Aphrodite lowers herself and sits on my body.

“I, I’m shorry. I got carried away……”

“…… I see. I understand.”

“That’s why, Souta. Please don’t throw me aside…… Because I’ll help seriously next time……”

“Since I understand…… Don’t be so clingy!”

Aphrodite’s shock might be bigger than I thought.

After that.
It took a long time for Aphrodite to stop crying.

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